Organic Tongkat Ali

Organic Tongkat Ali is a wonder-ingredient used to cure a variety of diseases and impurities from our bodies. It helps in the muscle-building process and boosts the lacking testosterone level in a man’s body.

It has a variety of different uses as well. That is why we have summed up the perfect buyer for organic Tongkat Ali with the top six options for you available in the market,

Benefits of Organic Tongkat Ali

There are a bunch of different health benefits associated with organic Tongkat Ali. And we have mentioned some of them below:

  • Boosts Athletic Performance – Tongkat Ali is a proven athletic performance booster thanks to its rich-vitamin build. Any Tongkat Ali serving up to 500mg should be perfect for giving you a head start.
  • Increase Muscle Mass – Due to the compound called quassinoids, Tongkat Ali effectively targets your muscle mass and strength. Over prolonged usage, you will definitely notice some muscle growth thanks to this wonder ingredient.
  • Helps in Low Testerone – According to various reports and studies, Tongkat Ali can significantly boost the low testosterone levels in your body.
  • Treats Kidney Problems – Thanks to the Tribulus compound present in it, Tongkat Ali can easily treat any lingering kidney problems.

Types of Organic Tongkat Ali

To start with, there are several different types of organic Tongkat Ali available in the market. Each one has its own distinction and unique feature-set; that’s why we’ve explained them below:

  • Capsules – Capsules are the best source to take organic Tongkat Ali. These capsules range between 200 to 1500 mg, and it delivers an accurate amount of serving.
  • Liquid Form – The liquid form of Tongkat Ali is famous for its purity and delicious taste. The liquid form is also super easy to carry around.
  • Powder – Tongkat Ali in powder is majorly used as muscle building supplements. This powder consistency lets you use this for a long period of time.

Buying Considerations for Organic Tongkat Ali

Before selecting the perfect organic Tongkat Ali, you need to consider certain factors. We have mentioned them in blue.

  • Serving-Size – The most important factor while buying any Tongkat Ali extract is its serving size. An average Tongkat Ali serving ranges between 100 to 2000mg. You may need a prescription for doctors to specify your serving size.
  • Medium – Just like organic psyllium supplements, Tongkat Ali is available in multiple sources such as powder, capsules, and liquid. Each of these sources has a unique serving size and severity, so you need to choose the perfect one for yourself.
  • Ingredients – A Tongkat Ali mix contains a ton of different of ingredients and natural extracts. So you have to look at the ingredient list before selecting one for yourself.

Reviews: Best Organic Tongkat Ali

Based on our research, We have compiled a list of the best organic Tongkat Ali you can buy. Just a quick word, we collect a minimal amount of profit through every purchase that is made through the links mentioned below, without any additional charges on you. That said, let’s start with our list.

  • The serving size of each pill is up to 1000mg, which is considered excellent.
  • It supports the immune system by boosting RBCs and energy production in our bodies.
  • These pills are Non-GMO, so you don’t have to worry about any kind of allergies.
  • Each box contains up to 120 pills, which will easily last you for a very long time.
  • It doesn’t contain any kind of gluten or dairy products, which is huge, considering its affordable price tag.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Mobility 30% 100
Support Immunity 25% 95
Strengthening 20% 100
Enhance Endurance 15% 95
Anti-Fatigue 10% 90
Total Score 100% 97

  • Unlike regular pills, this organic Tongkat Ali comes in 60 tablets.
  • It is free from any kind of harmful ingredients such as alcohol, preservatives, and allergens.
  • Thanks to the small size of the bottle, you can easily carry it anywhere you want.
  • It is made from organic dried roots; that’s why it boosts testosterone growth naturally.
  • You can easily get up to a hundred servings out of this droplet bottle.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Mobility 30% 100
Support Immunity 25% 95
Strengthening 20% 100
Enhance Endurance 15% 90
Anti-Fatigue 10% 90
Total Score 100% 96.25

  • Made from pure Tongkat Ali root extract, these capsules effectively boost your male potency.
  • These capsules contain healthy Malaysian ginseng and Eurycoma longifolia.
  • The power of each capsule is rated up to 300mg, which is decent enough.
  • Every product used to make these Tongkat Ali capsules is completely organic and vegetarian.
  • It doesn’t contain caffeine, so you can easily consume these at any part of the day.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Mobility 30% 100
Support Immunity 25% 95
Strengthening 20% 95
Enhance Endurance 15% 90
Anti-Fatigue 10% 90
Total Score 100% 95.25

  • One to two tablespoons of this honey Tongkat Ali can effectively boost your immunity system.
  • It contains the goodness of alfalfa honey, buckwheat, ginkgo balboa, and black seed oil.
  • Thanks to the honey present in it, it is one of the best-tasting Tongkat Ali extracts.
  • It doesn’t contain any kind of bleach or solvent liquid.
  • The 16oz bottle will definitely last you for a long period of time.

  • One serving of this is weighed up to 1520mg, which is exceptionally strong.
  • Unlike the competition, these Tongkat Ali capsules don’t contain any strata or rice fillings.
  • Regular consumption of these capsules can easily treat any kind of hormonal disease.
  • It also helps in building muscle due to its strong serving size.
  • These capsules are Non-GMO, gluten and allergen-free

  • This Tongkat Ali powder is made from organic extracts and is completely natural.
  • No additional filters were added to this powder; that’s why it has a light consistency.
  • It has a low per-serving rate, so you can easily use it two to three times a day.
  • This powder comes in a huge packet, which offers a lot of quantity for its price.

  • This is a Pure Tongkat Ali Root Powder created by Micro Ingredients.
  • The Tongkat Ali powder is a Long Jack Supplement and strongly supports Libido, Stamina, and Energy production for peak athletic performance.
  • It is Vegan-friendly, and free of additives, preservatives, fillers, artificial colors, and flavors, as well as Non-GMO, Soy-Free, and Gluten-Free.
  • It is nutrient-dense and can be taken in both powder and liquid form.

  • This is a pack of Indonesian Tongkat Ali Extract Powder, packaged by Holistic Bin.
  • The Tongkat powder is formulated from 15 to 18-year-old roots that are wild-harvested from remote Sumatran forests.
  • It is a pure root powder and free from any additives, fillers, and preservatives.
  • The Tongkat extract is a pharmaceutical Grade and formulated with pure spring water extraction.

  • This is a pack of Wildcrafted Tongkat Ali Extract, created and packaged by HerbEra.
  • It is pure and Organic Eurycoma Longifolia dried root powder in its concentrated form.
  • The powder is 100% natural and free of any artificial colors and flavors.
  • It is carefully crafted from a potent source and tested in the USA.

  • This is a pack of Organic Tongkat Ali Powder formulated by Health Solution Prime.
  • It is shown to have an impact on testosterone levels and is also known as Long Jack Root Supplement that supports male sexual functions.
  • The supplement may produce more testosterone, boost sexual performance, increase male virility and sexual desire.
  • It is all-natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and scientifically standardized to the highest levels.

Index Table: Top-Rated Organic Tongkat Ali

1SOURCE NATURALS 120 Count - Organic Tongkat Ali Tablets
  • Non-GMO
  • 120 Servings
2Source Naturals 60 Tablets - Organic Tongkat Ali
  • Alchohol-Free
  • Vegan
Source Naturals98.5
3Herbolab Concentrated - Root Extract Tongkat Ali
  • Ginseng
  • Caffeine Free
4Riyan Organic Hoeny Goat - Tongkat Ali Extract
  • Immunity Booster
  • Herbicide-free
Riyan Organic97.5
5Pure Organic Naturally Sourced - Tongkat Ali Capsules
  • Powerful Serving
  • Gluten-free
Pure Organic97.2
6BulkSupplement Organic - Tongkat Ali Powder
  • Zero Fillers
  • Lab Tested
7Micro Ingredients Pure - Tongkat Ali Root Powder
  • Longjack
  • Vegan
Micro Ingredients96.3
8Holistic Bin Indonesian - Tongkat Ali Extract Powder
  • 100% Pure
  • Wild Harvested
Holistic Bin95.9
9HerbEra Wildcrafted - Tongkat Ali Extract
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Dried Root
10Health Solution Prime Organic - Tongkat Ali Powder
  • 100 : 1
  • 2 Bottles
Health Solution Prime95.1

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