Best Organic Henna For Hair

Sometimes called Hinah or Mehandi, Henna comes from a tree from the family Lawsonia Inermis. It has been used as a dye for centuries, especially in Southeast Asia.

Ground from the leaves, Henna powder is mixed in water to dye hair, nails, fingertips, and skin.

To find out more about Henna, its many benefits, and the best Organic Henna hair dyes available, keep reading!

Uses and Benefits of Henna

  • Heals Wounds – Henna is Anti-Viral, Anti-Bacterial, and Anti-Inflammatory, making it excellent for wound healing. It adds a protective layer to guard against pathogens and viruses when applied to burns, wounds, and scrapes.
  • Reduces Fever – Henna has a natural cooling effect and sucks the skin’s heat. It reduces fever by simply cooling the body or inducing sweating, effectively breaking the fever.
  • Relieves Headache – You can apply henna juice directly to the skin for quick relief from headaches. The anti-inflammatory effects of Henna help reduce tension and support healthy blood flow in the body, which is a common reason behind headaches and migraines.
  • Is Anti-inflammatory – Henna oil can be used to lower inflammation in joints. It reduces Arthritis and Rheumatic pain symptoms as they inflame the joints and causes cartilage and muscles to deteriorate.
  • Lessens Sleep Problems – People suffering from sleep disorders like Insomnia or Chronic restlessness can benefit from Henna Oil. It induces a restful, soothing sleep and eases the mind and body.
  • Detoxifies the Body – Drinking Henna leaves or bark soaked in water has certain qualities that help detoxify the liver and spleen.
  • Regulates Blood Pressure – Henna has a Hypotensive property that relieves stress on the cardiovascular system. It also subsequently lowers blood pressure. Intake of Henna prevents platelet build-up in the arteries and heart. This lowers the risk of Heart attack and Stroke.
  • Improves Nail Quality – Henna has Anti-Bacterial properties that you can use to maintain nail quality and health. Applying a poultice of Henna directly onto the nail beds can clear up infection, pain, and irritation.
  • Boosts Hair Health – Last but not least, Henna has been used to fix hair problems for generations.

Using Henna as a Hair Dye

Henna has numerous benefits targeted at hair health. It has been used as a natural dye and conditioner for generations.

  • Natural Hair Dye – Using Henna as a natural hair dye is an excellent choice. It’s perfect for the hair, easy on the packet, and Eco-friendly.
  • Promotes Hair Growth – The natural properties of Henna promote hair growth. It also makes the hair thick and lush. You can also use Henna essential oil in the hair.
  • Reduces Hair Fall – Henna boosts follicle health. Consequently, hair fall and hair thinning decreases exponentially.
  • Conditions the Tresses – Applying Henna paste on the hair naturally conditions the hair and helps with split ends and rough hair problems. The beneficial effects increase manifold if mixed with a hydrating agent like an egg.
  • Prevents dandruff – Just like using organic shampoo for dandruff, this henna will help as well in removing excess oil and grease from the scalp and clears it out. Applying Henna regularly on your hair fixes any dandruff-related issues.
  • Soothes the Scalp – Henna is naturally Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory. All of these qualities work magic on the scalp and soothe it.

Henna Dye Essentials and Procedures

  • Time Consuming – Pure Henna Dye takes a long time to color the hair. It may take anywhere from 3-6 hours. It also needs to be mixed a good while beforehand for it to develop properly.
  • Not Long-Lasting – Henna Dye does not take long to wash out. A little bit of color comes off after every wash.
  • Stains the Skin – Henna stains the scalp and any other part of your skin it gets on. So you need to be careful while applying it.

Reviews: Best Organic Henna For Hair

The below list consists of products we found to be the best Organic Henna Powders for Hair.
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  • This Henna powder is 100% natural, raw, vegan-friendly, and pesticide-free.
  • This natural hair color and conditioner is free of chemicals or metallic salts.
  • Mi Nature’s henna powder has high Lawson content, guaranteeing excellent results.
  • This organic hair dye gives your hair a beautiful henna red color.
  • This brand uses all sustainably sourced and fairly traded products.
  • All products are processed in an FDA Registered Facility in India.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Scalp Health 25% 100
Enhancing Hair Color 25% 100
Reduce Dandruff 20% 95
Healthy Hair Growth 20% 95
Pesticide-Free 10% 90
Total Score 100% 97

  • This product is grown organically and is free of any pesticides. It also does not contain any harmful chemicals or metallic salts.
  • Cosmic Elements’ organic henna powder is an excellent alternative to chemical hair dyes full of harmful chemicals.
  • The henna hair dye powder is 100% natural, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly.
  • 1 Pack contains 114g/4 Oz. Henna powder.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Scalp Health 25% 100
Enhancing Hair Color 25% 95
Reduce Dandruff 20% 95
Healthy Hair Growth 20% 95
Pesticide-Free 10% 90
Total Score 100% 95.75

  • Herbs And Crops Natural Henna Powder is famous worldwide because of the freshness it delivers.
  • It also has the highest lawson (coloring) content.
  • The handpicked Henna Leaves are processed in a state-of-the-art processing unit, making it the highest quality, pure product.
  • Proper hygiene and precautions are maintained at every step of the processing facility.
  • This product is pure and does not contain any other herbs.
  • The 100% natural, easy-to-use henna powder is free of any chemicals and is PPD-free.
  • Easy to Use

Rating Category Weight % Score
Scalp Health 25% 100
Enhancing Hair Color 25% 95
Reduce Dandruff 20% 90
Healthy Hair Growth 20% 95
Pesticide-Free 10% 90
Total Score 100% 94.75

  • This Henna leaves powder is free from PPD or other harmful chemical additives from USDA NOP Certified Organic.
  • It fights off scalp conditions like dandruff and dryness.
  • Merlion Naturals’ henna powder is a natural alternative to chemical dyes.
  • It is also an excellent hair conditioner.
  • This powder is made from Henna leaves, provides intense and rich, reddish coloration to the hair, and gives them a natural shine.
  • Henna balances Oil production on the scalp and pH levels.
  • This product is processed and packed in India.

  • This Cassia Obvata, commonly known as Henna Powder, is a 100% neutral, colorless product.
  • It naturally conditions the hair without changing the shade.
  • This organic Henna powder lowers hair damage, free of chemical dyes and other harmful materials.
  • It also lowers hair fall and promotes hair growth.

  • Henna powder’s botanical name is Lawsonia Inermis.
  • This product is certified organic by QAI.
  • Starwesr Botanicals’ henna powder is processed and manufactured per the USDA National Organic Program Guidelines.
  • It is packaged in the USA.

  • This is a 100% Natural henna powder and gives the natural hair color, shine, and conditioning.
  • It is made from Organically cultivated Henna Leaves.
  • It does not contain any chemical or PPD and is safe to use for all ages.
  • This henna powder is sifted thrice, making it easy to mix with water and apply.

  • This organic Henna powder gives a naturally shiny auburn color to hair.
  • It is advised to follow the instructions on the label for best results.
  • This henna powder is free from chemicals, bleaches, additives, PPD, or parabens, making it safe for all ages.
  • It is rich in Lawson content, giving them rich color to hair.

  • This wine red henna color is suitable for Blonde and Red hair colors.
  • This product is 100% pure, natural, and Certified Organic.
  • It is suitable to dye hair or beard but is not suitable for temporary tattooing.
  • The color may last up to three months and can be applied every 4-6 weeks if desired.
  • It comes in a reusable metal tin.

  • This pack contains 500 grams of organic hair henna color.
  • It does not contain any chemicals or fillers.
  • The pure sifted henna powder boasts of 3-year shelf life.
  • Every 100 grams of this henna powder is vacuum packed and sealed in Mylar to maintain freshness.

Index Table: Top-Rated Organic Henna For Hair

1mi nature Henna Powder - For Hair Dye
  • from India
  • 100% Pure
mi nature97
2Cosmic Element Organic - Henna Hair Dye Powder
  • USDA Organic
  • Unrefined
Cosmic Element95.75
3Herbs And Crops Henna - Organically Grown Powder
  • GMP Approved
  • No PPD
Herbs And Crops94.75
4Merlion Naturals Henna Leaves - Lawsonia Inermis
  • Natural Color
  • NOP Certified
Merlion Naturals97.9
5H&C Henna Powder - Organic Cassia Obovata
  • Colorless
  • Conditioner
6Starwest Botanicals Henna - Organic Red Henna
  • Red Leaf
  • QAI certified
Starwest Botanicals97.6
7SVATV Pure - Henna Powder(Lawsonia Inermis)
  • 100% Natural
  • Organically Grown
8Just Jaivik Natural - Organic Henna Powder
  • USDA Certified
  • Holistic
Just Jaivik96.8
9Mountain Rose Herbs Wine Red - Henna Powder
  • Herbal Hair Color
  • 100% Pure
Mountain Rose Herbs96.5
10Ora Henna Rajasthani - Henna Hair Color
  • Indian
  • No Chemicals
Ora Henna96.2

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