Best Organic Shaving Brush

Selecting a good shaving brush is very important in making your shaving ritual enjoyable.

An organic shaving brush helps the cream or soap create a proper lather. It also softens and separates the hair before your razor does the magic.

If you have bought yourself an organic shaving brush that makes a creamy lather, and gives your face a fresh look, consider yourself lucky. If not, read on!

Why You Need a Shaving Brush

  • Softens the Hair – A shaving brush softens and lifts the facial hair off the face and makes shaving easier.
  • Opens Pores – Rubbing the shaving brush on the face adds heat to the skin during the shaving process. This helps to lubricate the skin and open the pores.
  • Exfoliates the Skin – The bristles on the shaving brush, no matter which type, exfoliate the skin due to the rubbing motion and get rid of the dead skin cells.
  • Creates a Luxury Experience – Using a shaving brush turns shaving into a luxury experience. This happens because the shaving brush generates a rich and warm lather by whipping air into the shaving cream or soap.
  • Saves time – According to the general opinion, using a shaving brush cuts the shaving time in half. It takes almost half the time to spread the lather on your face and neck using a shaving brush than it would take otherwise. This, of course, depends on the size and texture of the shaving brush.

Types of Shaving Brush

It is the bristles that make a shaving brush good or bad. Following are some types of organic bristles for shaving brushes:

  • Badger- the Softest – Badger hair, especially from its belly, makes one of the softest brush bristles. The brush ends are extremely soft, have perfect water retention ability, and make a rich lather.
  • Boar- the Longlasting – Although brush bristles made of Boar hair are not a favorite among the wet shavers, its price and long-lastingness make it the best choice for people who use hard soaps for shaving.
  • Horsehair- for Luxury Experience – Brush bristles made of Horsehair are rare; however, it is the perfect and luxurious experience for the shavers find Badger too soft and Boar too hard.
  • Synthetic- Animal-free – Synthetic bristles are gaining popularity with time since they are -at the same time- soft, flexible, and animal-free.

Things to Consider Before Buying Your Shaving Brush

  • Selecting the Suitable Type – The first thing to consider is the type of bristles the brush is made from. While Badger, Boar, and Horsehair bristles have their pros and cons, buying a shaving brush with synthetic bristles means no animal is harmed to bring it on your shelf.
  • Good Price for Good Quality – While you can also find a shaving brush in the dollar store, good quality and long-lasting shaving brush can be a bit heavy on your pocket but soft on your skin.
  • Size- Bigger the Better – Larger brushes are usually expensive but timesaving as they quickly cover the face with lather.
  • Handle in hand – Different materials are used for making shaving brush handles, including wood, metal, animal horn, or synthetic material. A good handle is the one that fits well in your hand and does not slip.

Reviews: Best Organic Shaving Brushes

The below list consists of products we found to be the most useful for giving you a luxurious shaving experience.

  • This Maison Lambert brush is handmade with the best quality Badger hair.
  • This brush quickly builds up a rich lather for the perfect shaving experience.
  • The brush has a horn-like handle made for a strong grip and is easy to use.

  • The bristles on this shaving are made of 100% Badger hair of the best quality.
  • The badger hair bristles on this brush create a rich, creamy lather for a luxury shaving experience.
  • This brush is perfect for the wet shave and also gently exfoliates the skin while shaving.
  • This excellent Badger bristle brush fits perfectly in the accompanying stand.

  • This brush is made of Pure Boar Hair.
  • The bristles on this brush are longer than average and made to be used in a professional capacity.
  • This brush is an excellent option for someone who is just starting to use shaving brushes. It’s a great starter brush!
  • This Omega Pro 49 brush is available in Red, White and Black handles.

  • The bristles on this Parket Safety Razor shaving brush are made of high-quality, pure Badger hair.
  • This boar bristle brush is very soft and dense because of the high-quality hair used.
  • These long and soft bristles create the ideal lather for a proper shaving experience.
  • This handmade, luxury brush comes with a Lucite brush stand or proper storage and drying.

  • This brush is made up of bristles that are 100% badger hair.
  • The handle on this brush is made with a heavy metal base for long-lasting usage.
  • The high-end luxury brush has high water-retention and is therefore not damaged by repeatedly getting wet.
  • It serves as a great gift for any occasion.

  • This shaving cream set is a natural care product. It has moisturizers to hydrate, soothe and protect sensitive skin
  • This Bib & Tucker brush is made of high-quality Vegan black fiber and plastic resin material.
  • The synthetic brush bristles are soft enough to soothe the skin and hard enough to give a gentle massage.
  • This brush is cruelty-free, and the bristles are very robust and hard-wearing.
  • The brush is essential for grooming as it makes the skin very smooth and clean.
  • The accompanying cooling Vetyver has a very unique and refreshing grapefruit scent.

  • The bristles on this Pearl Shaving brush are made of Imported synthetic material.
  • The Professional brush has a non-slip black Resin Handle for a firm grip.
  • The Luxury brush makes a rich, creamy lather using minimal shaving cream.

  • This classic shaving brush is made of 100% Boar bristles.
  • These boar bristles are soft enough to soothe the skin and yet create a rich lather.
  • The brush has a hard plastic base, which is made for everyday use.
  • This timeless, classic brush comes with a compact stand for proper storage.

  • This Synthetic Badger brush has a classic style Ebony handle that is timeless.
  • This shaving brush’s overall height is 105 mm, with a 50 mm loft and 22 mm knot size.
  • It creates a lather while retaining water to the face, all the while gently exfoliating the skin.
  • The synthetic hair of this shaving brush is high-quality and soft on the face.
  • The comfortable handle provides grip while whipping up a lather and is easy to hold in the palm of your hand.
  • No animals were harmed in the process of making this brush, making it cruelty-free, as well as Vegan.

  • The shaving brush has been expertly crafted with synthetic bristles that are dense and impeccably soft.
  • It helps deliver shaving cream to every inch of hair, ensuring that your skin is protected during the hair removal process.
  • This shaving brush is free of Parabens, Colourants, SLS/SLES, Mineral oils and never tested on animals.
  • Hawkins and & Brimble proudly crafted this brush with care using naturally derived ingredients in the EU.

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