Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

A lush green lawn is bliss to sink bare feet into…. and, to envy the neighbors. Choosing the right lawn food starts with understanding the soil, it’s nutrient profile and using an organic lawn fertilizer.

Natural lawn fertilizers keep your lawn eco-friendly. Unlike synthetic chemical fertilizers, they won’t pose any threat to your pets or family.

best organic lawn fertilizer

Potential Hazards of Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizers are affordable and assure instant improvements in plant growth. However, the other side of the story says, they are detrimental to soil, water, air…and of course to living organisms including you and us.

Let’s go over some of the potential hazards of chemical fertilizers.

  • They kill natural soil microbes which in turn will make the soil sterile where nothing can grow.

  • When used in excess they cause chemical runoff. Over the years, it depletes the oxygen level in water bodies and affects aquatic flora and fauna.

  • Soil acidification is another threat. Change in soil pH isn’t good for the greens.

  • Overdoing nitrogen fillers causes chemical burns and reduces growth.

  • Repeated applications may increase the levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which translates into land and ocean surface temperature changes.

  • Soil mineral depletion also results from continuous use of chemical fertilizers.

Organic Natural Fertilizers Are The Answer

Living in harmony with Mother Nature is possible only if we make a conscious choice – the choice to embrace Organic fertilizers. Because what’s happening to the soil under your feet is critical. And, your lawn is no exception!

Organic lawn fertilizers are made from plant, animal or mineral powders. Examples include compost and cottonseed meal. They act as soil conditioners to replenish soil nutrients. The result – better growth and strong roots.

Here are some advantages of organic lawn fertilizers:

  • Improve soil structure and water holding capacity

  • Being slow-release fertilizers, they won’t over fertilize the soil.

  • Little chances of toxic chemical build up

  • Biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly

Ingredients in a Good Organic Lawn Fertilizer

  • Manure: they come from poultry, horse, cow or sheep. With lots of organic matter, they are best suited for increasing soil fertility and growth.

  • Plant peels: Rich in nutrients including phosphorus and potassium, plant peels will help with plant growth. Examples are banana and orange peels.

  • Guano: It is rich in nitrogen, phosphorous, and microelements. Many organic fertilizer sprays have Guano in them.

  • Bone meal: Fine ground bone is a potent source of calcium and phosphate. They promote root strengthening and growth.

  • Dried seaweed: Being an amazing source of trace minerals, seaweed helps with soil fertility.

  • Epsom salt: It is a great source of magnesium. Magnesium is essential for germination to photosynthesis.

  • Greensand: It is an iron potassium silicate rich in iron, potassium and numerous micronutrients.

  • Blood meal: Rich source of nitrogen. But be careful no to overdo as it burns the plant roots.

Reviews: Top 5 Best Organic Lawn Fertilizers

If you’d like to pamper, your lawn, consider one of our top five recommended organic lawn fertilizers.

  • A slow release fertilizer that will not burn – no poultry litter, no bio-solids! And, your neighbors will envy you. We bet.

  • Ringer Lawn Restore II (10-0-6) provides all essential nutrients for a thick, lush green lawn. It is also good to strengthen the root system of your plants.

  • The lawn restoring formula contains all-natural ingredients including feather meal, nitrate of soda and soybean meal. It has no manures or synthetic compounds.

  • Pellets cover 5,000 square feet. This is a non-toxic formula – safe for kids and pets. Plus, it is septic free and odorless.

  • Best of all, it is an OMRI Listed organic fertilizer.

  • Backed with 85+ years of niche experience, Milorganite is another brand that offers every reason to move away from chemical-rich fertilizers. It meets EPA’s quality standards for fertilizers.

  • Primarily comprised of heat-dried microbes and 4% non-staining iron, this is safe for kids and pets. The pellets have no heavy metals or toxic chemicals that harm soil and soil microbiota.

  • With its 5-2-0 NPK ratio, it revitalizes the lawn very quickly. Unlike other NPK fertilizers, it doesn’t make turf grow fast. The result – deep green lawn (read: without excess growth).

  • Because it has low concentrations of NPK, it won’t burn the grass.

  • Bonus points: it also nourishes trees, vegetable, and ornamentals. Give it a little time, you will witness noticeable growth in one to two weeks.

  • Scotts is famous for their synthetic fertilizer line. Now, they are into organic, all-natural fertilizer market as well.

  • This 11-2-2 NPK natural lawn fertilizer contains feather, meat, bones and blood meals plus sulfate of potash.

  • High nitrogen levels will help the grass to grow quicker and make your lawn greener. Whereas the lower potassium and phosphorus levels translate into stronger roots and healthy soil profile.

  • Moreover, Scott’s Natural lawn food is safe for pets and kids.

  • It comes in a 30-pound bag which is sufficient to cover 4,000 square feet area.

  • The only bummer? It may attract dogs. So, be aware of what you are getting.

  • Another real finding to maximize plant growth. It isn’t a lawn-specific organic fertilizer but a feeder for all your planting needs.

  • This Cal-Mag supplement formula contains a vast array of plant-based nutrients to promote strong growth.

  • The formula is effective in dealing all the ups and downs the plants have to undergo – blossom end rot, disease and per resistance, drought, and stunted growth to name a few.

  • The EarthPods are pet-, kids- and eco-friendly. The fertilizer capsules are odorless and they don’t cause environmental wastage.

  • Not only the ingredients are naturally sustainable but the packaging too.

  • Perhaps one of the versatile and effective natural fertilizer out there. Effective on faltering plants, it even works with lawn, trees, vegetables and fruits, flowers and more!

  • This proprietary blend works well with all mediums: Soil, Hydroponics, Aeroponics, Coco, or DWC – you name it!

  • It offers great mixability with other brand nutrients, which we think is a big bonus.

  • Upon application, it activates growth by activating enzymes and fastening photosynthesis. In fact, Humboldts Secret says it can increase the yield by up to 20%.

  • Speaking of the ingredients, it has kelp, amino acids, carbs, and plant-based nutrients.

  • Use it with any base nutrient system to bring back your lifeless lawn.

Index Table: Top Rated Organic Lawn Fertilizers

1Safer Brand Plant Based - Lawn Fertilizer
  • No-Burning
  • Plant Based
Safer Brand98
2Milorganite Organic - Nitrogen Fertilizer
  • All-purpose
  • Pet Safe
3Scotts Natural - Lawn Food
  • OMRI listed
  • Pet Safe
4Earthworm Technologies Organic - Fertilizer
  • Cal Mag
  • Eco-friendly
Earthworm Technologies97
5Humboldts Secret Plant - Fertilizer
  • Organic
  • All Medium Compatible
Humboldts Secret95

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