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Biologist researcher, author, and blogger on health and wellness. Looking to influence people through science and technology.

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Best Organic coconut milk
Best Organic Coconut Milk Brands
Organic coconut milk is highly beneficial and nutritious for most individuals. It has a long history of aiding digestion, being readily absorbable by our bodies, and loaded with nutritional wealth.…
Organic granola
Healthiest Best Organic Granola Brands
Granola, beloved by health freaks, busy mums, and kids, certainly is healthy. However, the regular store-bought ones are loaded with weird additives, soy, and artificial sweeteners. And that's exactly why…
Best Organic Butter
Top 10 Best Organic Butter
There is much confusion in the world today about the health effects associated with eating fats and oils! People have become either afraid of touching them or are living inside…
Organic Taro Powder
Organic Taro Powder
Filled with various fiber, minerals, and protein, Taro Roots are among the most nutrient-rich veggies one can have. And from these roots originates a super-delicious Organic Taro Powder. Taro root…