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Yoga came from India and is the Sanskrit word for ‘Union.’ Classical Yoga is defined as the cessation of the modification of the mind.

Having the proper Yoga clothes is essential for the complete Yoga experience, as they allow for the full range of motion and provide comfort.

Keep reading to find out more about Yoga clothes and the best available Organic Yoga clothes.

Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Prevents Cartilage and Joint Breakdown – Yoga takes your joints through their full range of motion, which prevents Degenerative Arthritis or Mitigate disability by soaking areas of cartilage with nutrients which don’t otherwise absorb properly.
  • Lowers Stress and Anxiety – Meditation and focused breathing is an integral part of most types of Yoga. Meditation allows you to reconnect your body with your soul. Meditation has been shown to promote relaxation, lower anxiety levels, and ease stress.
  • Drains the Lymph and Boosts Immunity – When you contract and stretch the muscles, it increases the drainage of lymph. This, in turn, helps the lymphatic system and boosts Immunity.
  • Improves Balance and Flexibility – Yoga involves stretching and pushing the muscles. Therefore, regular Yoga practice can make your body more flexible and help with balance as well.
  • Protects the Spine – Spinal disks are the shock absorbers between the vertebrae that can herniate and compress nerves if they aren’t properly moved since they can’t get their nutrients otherwise.
  • Improves Breathing – In Yoga, learning to pay attention to breathing using special techniques and exercises is essential. Hence, Yoga promotes mindful breathing.
  • Regulates the Adrenal Glands – Yoga lowers the levels of cortisol, which is secreted by the Adrenal Glands. Excessive cortisol has been linked with major Depression, Osteoporosis, High blood pressure, and Insulin Resistance.
  • Boosts Heart Health – Meditative exercises like Yoga have been proven to lower Blood Pressure and heart rate. This benefit of Yoga can be helpful for people who suffer from these problems.

What to Look for When Buying Yoga Clothes

There are certain things which need to be kept in mind while buying Yoga clothes.

  • Must be Organic – Yoga Clothes must be made from organic materials that are gentle on the skin and are Eco-friendly.
  • Must be Breathable – Yoga clothes need to be lightweight and breathable to make the whole Yoga experience comfortable.
  • Must be Sweat-Absorbent – Yoga stretches the muscles and pushes the body to its limit, which results in sweating. Yoga clothes, therefore, need to be sweat-absorbent so that the sweat doesn’t drip down and get sticky.
  • Range of Movement – Your clothes should allow you to move freely and in all directions, so you can perform all the different poses properly.

Types of Yoga Clothes

  • Lounge-wear – Loose-fitting and relaxing loungewear clothes are suitable for some types of Yoga. These clothes include Trousers, T-shirts, Hoodies, etc.
  • Athletic-wear – Proper body-fitted Athletic and sportswear are excellent for Yoga. They are specially made to withstand strenuous physical activity. Shorts, Sports Bras, and Leggings are some excellent options.
  • Yoga-wear – Specially made Yoga-wear is obviously the best option. It can be anything from T-shirts to Hoodies, from Leggings and Capris to loose-fitting Trousers. Whatever you need to relax in is the best choice for you, and the more eco-friendly it is, the better!

Reviews: Best Organic Yoga Clothes

Given down below are some of the best Organic Yoga Clothes available for Men and Women.

  • These leggings with hidden pocket is made from Eco-fabric which is soft and cozy.
  • These leggings are perfect for any workout like yoga, exercise, fitness, gym, running, cycling, and as a daily Loungewear.
  • These leggings are made from Sustainable, Non-toxic Organic materials and low-impact dyes. It is also free of chemicals fertilizers and pesticides.
  • These leggings are made from non-see through sweat-absorbent Cotton.
  • These leggings are made of a naturally breathable and stretchable fabric.

  • This sweet Tee matches well with leggings and jeans.
  • This sweet Tee is an Eco-fresh product.
  • This sweet Tee is made with 100% Organic Cotton.

  • This organic Egyptian cotton tummy control slimming yoga pant is designed and manufactured by Sara Hanna and ensures an optimum fit and high-quality material.
  • This tummy control slimming yoga pant provides extra support in making the tummy look flatter and a size smaller.
  • This slimming yoga pant also boasts of shaping the legs and thighs.
  • This tummy control slimming yoga pant is made with High-quality Organic Egyptian Cotton. This material is breathable and odor-resistant.

  • This Racerback Sports Bra is made from 95% Cotton and 5% Elastane.
  • This wireless, racerback pullover athleisure sports bra provides ideal support for Yoga, Gym, and other workouts.
  • Racerback Sports Bra does not contain any pesticides, fertilizers, and bleaches.

  • These comfortable boho pants feature two front pockets, one back pocket, and a drawstring waist and are made for Yoga, walking, dancing, and lounging.
  • These Yoga pants are made from 50% viscose,30% hemp and, 20% cotton.
  • These Yoga pants have a soft feel and allow ease of movement.
  • These Yoga pants are made with Eco-friendly Organic materials, low impact Dyes, and Recycled fibers.

  • This men’s short sleeve athletic crew is made from 100% Organic Cotton.
  • This men’s short sleeve athletic crew has no Closure closure and is suitable for Machine wash.
  • This men’s short sleeve athletic crew is made in the USA.

  • These Cassie Capri leggings are made from Organic Cotton, Lycra,and Recycled Polyester.
  • These Cassie Capri leggings are made from GOTS certified Non-GMO Organic Cotton. It is also GRS certified.
  • These Cassie Capri leggings are Opaque and completely non-see through.
  • These Cassie Capri leggings are designed to reach mid-calf length.

  • This Cropped Yoga Tank top is made from 87% organic Cotton and 13% Spandex for movement.
  • This yoga tank top has a beautiful geometric heart design printed on the Heart Chakra.
  • This yoga tank top is made using Eco-friendly, organic materials, low impact Dyes, and recycled Fibers.
  • This yoga tank top is Made in the USA.

  • This product is made in the USA.
  • The cotton spandex yoga Capri for women is made from GOTS certified organic cotton infused with stretchy four-way movement spandex for the best fit and feel.
  • It is free of chemicals, Non-GMO, with pure, natural, organic cotton with low impact dye, as well as fair trade.
  • They come with a criss-cross strap design at the calf for a fashionable look.
  • Stretch spandex and organic cotton combine to create a smooth, flattering look.
  • The high waistband provides tummy control and offers a stylish look for both regular and plus size women.
  • These capris are made from eco-friendly materials including Global Organic Textile Standard certified Organic Cotton sourced from the USA, and low impact eco dyes from our local dye house.

  • This workout tee is made of Organic Cotton and Spandex.
  • This yoga t-shirt moves and stretches with you through your yoga poses.
  • It boasts of 95 percent organic cotton and 5 percent spandex.
  • The fitted cute yoga tops inversions are your friend, and are skin-friendly, perfect for downward dog, bending, twisting, and squatting all over.

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