Best Organic Air Freshener

Closed off or humid areas start to smell bad quickly.

Air Fresheners have been in use for decades to get rid of any bad smell and surround yourself with refreshing scents. Be it cars, bathroom, offices, or any other space; air fresheners are a must!

Read on to find out all there is to know about air fresheners, their types, and the best organic options available in the market.

Natural Air Freshners

  • Coffee Grounds – Coffee absorbs odors such as Onion, Garlic, and other offensive smells. Leave out some coffee grounds, or bake some coffee beans in the oven and enjoy the utter joy of waking up to the smell of coffee. You may also put them on the bottom of a trash bag to make sure no bad smell escapes the trash.
  • Oranges and Clove – This is an age-old room freshening technique. Both Orange and Cloves, when combined, absorb any unwanted odors in the environment. Stick some cloves in a dried, cured orange and hang them anywhere. Clove buds also have the added benefit of being Pest deterrents due to their chemical constituents.
  • Vinegar and Citrus – Steeping citrus peels or slices of citrus fruits has been used as a way to brighten up any room. It lends an uplifting vibe to the whole area and combats cooking smells as well. Add spices such as cinnamon sticks. As the essential oils from the citrus and the juices from the spices are released, their antiseptic properties naturally disinfect the air. Spraying a room with a mix of water and vinegar also serves the same purpose.
  • Fresh or Dried Fragrant Herbs – Put a bunch of freshly cut herbs like Geranium, Peppermint, Rosemary, and Lavender in a room to freshen up the surroundings naturally. You may achieve the same result with dried herbs as well.
  • Essential Oils – Use Essential oils in diffusers to lend a naturally refreshing and beneficial fragrance to the whole surroundings. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Citrus as well as Lavender and Vanilla are the most commonly used essential oils for this purpose.
  • Potpourri – Make a Potpourri with a blend of beautiful dried flavors to serve two purposes in one go. They look stunning as a centerpiece and also provides a rich and intense fragrance in the whole room.

Types of Air Freshners

  • Sprays – The most common type of air fresheners come in spray form. They are used to neutralize the unwanted smells quickly and may even sanitize the room, depending on the formulation.
  • Gels – Gels are jelly-like substance, infused with fragrances. They are most often used in cars as they stay put and have little chance of leaking out.
  • Diffuser – Diffuser diffuses anything that is put into it. Add the essential oil of your choice into it and reap the twofold benefit of it. Get the benefits of the essential oil, while refreshing the room with its scent.
  • Potpourri – Potpourri is a made using a variety of dried fragrant materials such as flower petals, leaves, and herbs. They are commonly used by people who are worried about the adverse effects of chemical air freshener sprays.
  • Scented Candles – Scented candles are all the rage nowadays. Apart from the obvious scent, it spreads around the room. They take the ambiance of the room to the next level.
  • Absorbent Bags – Bags and sachets filled with odor absorbing materials such as charcoal and lavender can be used to absorb nasty odors from the surroundings. Put them in any closed room to avoid stagnant odors.

What to Look For in an Air Freshner

  • Long-Lasting – The most important consideration when buying Air fresheners is that it’s long-lasting, to make sure the fragrance stays for as long as possible.
  • Seasonal Fragnances – Every season comes with a different mood and feeling. Choose your air freshener depending on the season and weather. For the summer season, go for air fresheners with a refreshing scent, whereas, for wintery cold weather, opt for more rich fragrances such as Cinnamon and Vanilla.
  • Non-Allergenic – Make sure any ingredient used in the air freshener does not include any allergens or any ingredients that may trigger any specific allergies you may have.
  • Anti-bacterial – Go for options that come with antibacterial benefits as well. This will sanitize your surroundings and keep you protected.

Reviews: Best Organic Air Freshener

Reviewed down below are the best organic air fresheners available in the market.

  • This air freshener is made with real essential oils derived from Lavender and Vanilla.
  • This product is free of any harsh synthetic perfumes, dyes, sulfates, propellants, petrochemicals, triclosan, as well as SLS, SLES, SCS.
  • Use this spray based air freshener in rooms, toilets, gym bags, sneakers, diaper pails, trash cans, or any other water-safe surfaces.
  • The lavender in this air freshener cuts strong odors, whereas the Vanilla in it leaves behind a soft aroma.
  • Puracy’s air freshener is natural, hypoallergenic, Vegan-friendly, non-toxic, biodegradable, cruelty and gluten-free, and septic safe.

  • TooGet’s air freshener bags are filled with 100% natural dried super grade lavender buds.
  • This lavender sachet has a calm and soothing smell and works excellent in small enclosed areas.
  • It can be used in nightstands, dresser drawers, closets, cars, suitcases as well as Potpourri. It can also work as a pest deterrent.
  • Each pack contains six packs of Ultra Blue Grade Lavender Sachets.

  • This refreshing air spray is made from 100% pure and natural Eucalyptus essential oil.
  • This product is USDA Certified Organic, and GMC tested, free of any synthetics or chemical additives.
  • Healing Solution’s air freshener is designed for aromatherapy and fills the room with a wonderful scent.

  • The gel-based air fresheners are made with pure lavender essential oil.
  • These aromatherapy air fresheners are made in the USA.
  • It does not contain any additional chemicals, are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • It contains Non-GMO, therapeutic grade ingredients, fragrance oils as well as organic dried lavender flowers and water.

  • These 100% activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags are odor absorbers.
  • They are perfect for use in cars, closets, bathrooms as well as pet areas.
  • It does not contain any fragrances, harsh chemicals, or any toxic materials.
  • It eliminates the odor and keeps your pets and yourself safe from harmful residues.
  • This product works towards purifying the air by removing harmful pollutants and allergens.

  • The California Scents air freshener comes in a delightful Coronado Cherry scent.
  • Each pack provides a refreshing fragrance for up to 60 days.
  • This product is made with organic, high-quality fragrant essential oils.
  • The recyclable Aluminium canister offers a reduced carbon footprint, whereas the biodegradable fiber pad inside provides multiple uses.

  • This air freshener comes in a lot of scents and is intense enough to provide a fresh fragrance that lasts up to 65 days.
  • It is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for delivering bold scents to the atmosphere of any car, truck, or van.
  • This capped Spill-proof container fits easily into any cup holder or under your seat for easy access.
  • It can also be used as a gift for friends and family.

  • This natural air fresheners lasts four times longer than an artificial air fresheners.
  • The non-aerosol spray comes in a 100% natural citrus fruit scent.
  • It is intense enough to dissolve even the strongest odors on contact.
  • It also includes other essences such as Lavender and Eucalyptus for added fragrance.

  • This organic fragrance is a new class in car fragrances.
  • TreeFrog air freshener is simple and potent enough to dissolve any odors immediately.
  • This contained can last up to 60 days.
  • It freshens and deodorizes any area using the power of natural fragrances.
  • The fiber fresh air freshener comes in a refreshing lemon scent.

  • This spring Aira Mist’s famous spray instantly conjures up memories of a sweet spring breeze.
  • The clean, crisp floral spray harnesses the fragrance of fresh-cut lilacs.
  • It uses a special blend of therapeutic essential oils that brings a wonderfully refreshing fragrance profile.
  • This mist spray is built on a unique base of certified organic aloe, witch hazel and rosemary seed extract that offers natural aromatic longevity, stability, and synergy to any space.
  • This essential oil spray diffuses easily, even in larger rooms.
  • All Aira Mist Room Sprays are 100% natural, free of alcohol, parabens, and other harsh chemicals.

Index Table: Top-Rated Organic Air Freshener

1Puracy Natural - Organic Room Spray Freshener
  • Lavender
  • Vanilla
  • Perfume-free
2TooGet Sachet - Organic Lavender Air Freshner Bags
  • Moth Repellent
  • Blue Lavender Buds
3Healing Solutions Mist Spray - Organic Eucalyptus Spray Air Freshner
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • USDA Certified
Healing Solutions98.1
4VIOIS Gel - Lavender Aromatherapy Car Air Freshener
  • Chemical Free
  • Non-Toxic
5MOSO NATURAL Absorbent - Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag
  • Odor Eliminator
  • Deodorizer
6California Scents Spillproof - Organic Air Freshener
  • Coronado Cherry
  • Canister
California Scents97.3
7Ikeda Scents Spillproof - Organic Air Freshener
  • Absorbent
  • Cherry
Ikeda Scents97.1
8Citrus Magic Non-Aerosol - Organic Air Freshener
  • Lavender
  • Eucalyptus
Citrus Magic96.7
9Auto Dynasty TreeFrog - Organic Natural Air Freshener
  • Fiber Fresh
  • Lemon Scented
Auto Dynasty96.3
10Aira Lilac Breeze - Organic Freshener Spray
  • Aromatherapy
  • Mist

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