Best Organic Kombucha

For a drink which is a regular part of people’s diet, it is important that it’s not posing harm to your health.

The best organic Kombucha is rich with antioxidants and acetic acid, it is slightly alcoholic, a fermented tea which originated from Russia but is now consumed all around the globe.

Read more below, as we have collected great information about the best kombuchas for your convenience.

Best Organic Kombucha

Why Should you Drink Kombucha?

  • Antioxidants – It contains antioxidants which helps fight molecules that damage your cells. People often take antioxidants supplements; instead, you can simply switch to kombucha as it’s a great source to reduce toxicity.
  • Acetic Acid – It is ironic how this drink is made from bacteria and yeast and yet, helps kills harmful yeast and bacteria, especially those which cause infection, as it contains acetic acid which is found in very limited foods.
  • Anti-Depressant – It works as an anti-depressant for many since it is rich in probiotics and is anti-inflammatory in nature, both of which have a negative relationship with depression. It is not a solution for depression but can definitely improve your mental health for the time being.

Home-brew Kombucha vs Commercial

Home-made Kombucha have always been given preference over store-bought ones and here is why:

  • Commercial kombuchas are pasteurized which removes most of the beneficial content from it, especially probiotic element of it, killed by the heat of pasteurization.
  • No matter how expensive the commercial kombucha tea is, its quality can never match with a raw kombucha.
  • Raw is full of acid contents and brings out many other health benefits during fermentation.
  • Its high time you save up on kombuchas when it is a drink you can easily make at home yourself without much hassle. Given how often it is consumed, it can be really heavy on the pocket.

How to tell if Kombucha has gone bad?

There can be some clear and some vague signs of when kombucha in your home is no longer drinkable:

  • SCOBY Layer – Kombucha naturally has a layer of SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast) on the top which means the bacteria is alive and trust me, that’s a good thing. If there is no layer, chances are it has indeed gone bad.
  • Vinegar Taste – After days of being refrigerated, your kombucha might taste like vinegar and although that’s not very harmful, it is better you use it as a dressing for salads or in any other dish as an alternate for vinegar.
  • What you feel? – Go with your gut feeling. If you’re a regular consumer of kombucha, you’ll figure out even after one sip that something is off and there is a high probability that your guess is actually right since you know what it actually tastes like.

Reviews: Best Organic Kombucha

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Score: 97
  • This kombucha is fruit based with multiple flavors and is completely organic with full probiotic content in it that a raw kombucha has.
  • For those who are watching their diet and don’t want to put on extra kilos, this kombucha only contains 35 calories per 12 oz so you don’t need to wait for a cheat day to drink it.
  • It is completely free of preservatives and additives like artificial sugar and food coloring which makes it so organic and healthy.
  • This is suitable for people who does not drink alcohol for whatever reason as it is non-alcoholic. Its hard to find a non-alcoholic kombucha but you can rely on this one.

  • These tea leaves are a mixture of organic Ceylon and oolong teas, which are known to be great in taste especially if home brewed which adds a nice essence to it.
  • You don’t have to do much with this blend; it makes a clear brew on its own or make an amazing base for second round of fermentation if need be.
  • The ingredients all are pure and chemical-free, making it drinkable on regular basis which you might not be able to do in the case of non-organic kombuchas.
  • Dissolves so smoothly yet the taste is strong so if you’re not good at blending, these tea leaves are for you.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • The kombucha company has great reviews and ratings which means it is tried and tested so your money will not go down the drain as people generally like it.
  • one unique aspect of this product is that the company grows the kombucha with completely organic ingredients nearby their shops so customers can go check their farms as well when they visit the shop to buy these.
  • If this is used for medical reasons, doctor must be consulted as people often over-consume it in the hopes that it is healthy and just like green tea so no harm can be done which is untrue in this case.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • This packet has everything you need to make kombucha so now you don’t have to look for ingredients separately which requires extra time and cost.
  • First-timers are in good hands since Get Kombucha has one of the largest communities of kombucha lovers from around the globe who helps newbies with recipes and method of brewing.
  • The company randomly checks packages of kombucha that are about to be delivered for inspection of purity and quality; they believe in customer satisfaction.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • The brew is blended by hand to make sure the ratio of yeast to bacteria is balanced otherwise it can taste really sour.
  • It contains a combination of keenum congou china black tea and Chinese young hyson green tea which are few of the best quality teas found in the world. Every tea leaf is imported from reliable old tea makers to ensure quality.
  • Samples are provided if asked so you can try many different flavors before-hand.
Score: 94 By John Max

  • Yogi tea is known for its soothing and fresh flavors that include mint and other fruity blends that you wouldn’t get from other companies. Their unique mix provides a distinct taste.
  • The combination of green tea and kombucha is what you need to purify your body from all oxidants and maintain the wellness of your body.
  • This blend has some great reviews; be it about the taste, the quality or the price. For some, it even worked to cure other problems like enhance memory.
Score: 93 By John Max

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