The Best Organic Vitamins for Toddlers

Our children are very sensitive, having much smaller bodies with less exposure to life.

It can be tough to know what is safe to give them or not, especially in the current model of society we live in.

The latest research appears to be pointing out that many of us and our children are deficient in basic nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

Simply giving the right nutritional support ensures your toddler with the best possible start in life!

DISCLAIMER: Please note that all information inherent in this article should not replace any medical advice from a medical practitioner. Please consult with a medical professional for dosage related queries, severe medical conditions, and supplemental protocols.

A Brief Look At Common Vitamin Deficiencies in Children

These days, the modern generation of children are being brought up eating GMO food, not having enough exposure to natural light, and living in overly stressful conditions.

All of these can result in nutritional deficiencies that have an effect on overall growth and development. Here are a few common conditions that are either caused by or made worse as a result of vitamin deficiencies:

  • Autism/ADHD – these conditions are very similar, with autism expressing more genetic mutations and problems than ADHD. In both conditions, the metabolism is affected, as well as cognition and social behavior. Vitamins are required to enhance cellular signaling, improve digestion, and protect the nervous system. Vitamin D3 and all the B Vitamins are of particular importance here.
  • Allergies – an overactive immune system will benefit from extra support and aid in lessening the severity of allergic responses.
  • Asthma – Asthma has been linked to a vitamin D3 deficiency in many cases, and supplementing with vitamin D3 has shown to decrease the incidence of asthma.
  • Dermatitis – our skins need vitamins to function optimally too, especially in the case of eczema. Vitamin E, C, and B vitamins have been shown to be deficient in children with skin allergies or reactions.
  • Obesity/Metabolic Syndromes – this shows that something is up in the metabolic area of the child and that likely B vitamins are lacking. Vitamin E and C will help gastrointestinal inflammation or pains.
  • Weak Eyesight or Hearing – we all know that carrots help our eyes and that is thanks to vitamin A! Hearing is also improved by this wonder vitamin, as well as vitamin C.
  • Cardiovascular Problems – our blood vessels and hearts need healthy doses of vitamin E and C to function optimally and be protected against any free radical damage.

Essential Vitamins & How They Support the Body

Vitamins play a significant role in upholding our immune systems, generating energy to sustain ourselves, producing hormones and enzymes in the body, protecting our tissues and organs from oxidative stress as well as detoxifying any harmful substances.

Here is a brief overview of all the essential vitamins and why we need them:

  • Vitamin D – usually we generate vitamin D from sunlight or eat it in foods in small quantities, such as mushrooms. Vitamin D is needed to form healthy bones, to keep our immune systems healthy, to protect our lungs and respiratory systems, and to keep our nerves firing optimally.
  • Vitamin E & C – these two vitamins should be regarded as partners in crime together. We need vitamin E to protect all tissues from oxidative stress, to metabolize certain foods, and to maintain healthy skin. Vitamin E is recycled in the body with Vitamin C, which boosts our immune system and helps to protect us from problems associated with blood glucose-insulin levels.
  • All B Vitamins – most people seem to be deficient in B vitamins, and this is probably the reason life can get stressful from time to time! B vitamins are essential in nearly all cellular processes and help us to think, have energy, digest, sleep, and so much more.
  • Vitamin K – vitamin K, especially K2, is essential for strong bones. Without vitamin K, our bones cannot hold calcium inside of them and thus cannot grow properly. This can even lead to further problems if left unattended, as calcium leaking from the bone is prone to calcify in the bloodstream and cause extra damage.

What To Avoid When Selecting Organic Vitamins For Toddlers

There are a few myths that should be busted regarding the buying of vitamins and supplements:

  1. Vitamin A – our bodies can only handle up to 5000UI of vitamin A each day, and anything more is toxic to us. Most supplements seem to put in either that amount or more! It is not necessary to have Vitamin A inside a supplement as we ingest enough of it in our diets in the form of beta-carotene and carotenoids. Carrots, tomatoes, and sweet potato are all rich in these compounds.
  2. Vitamin D – we need extra vitamin D, especially if we spend all our time inside an office without seeing the light of day! Vitamin D is added to many products, although usually it is added in a form that many people cannot metabolize properly. Avoid vitamin D2 and try to find Vitamin D3 to prevent metabolic problems.
  3. Vitamin B6 – you need this wonder vitamin for energy, growth, and metabolism, however like vitamin D, many people have difficulty metabolizing it in its inactive form. Attempt to look for the term P-5-P, as opposed to vitamin B6 to make sure you are taking it in its active assumable form.
  4. Copper – sometimes vitamin supplements include minerals too. This is not a bad thing, but avoid copper inside any supplements, as copper has a tendency to displace zinc. Without zinc, we cannot detox heavy metals from our bodies, which is critical considering all the metals found in our environment these days!

Reviews: Best Organic Vitamins for Toddlers

Add some extra value to your infant’s life by choosing one of our best organic vitamins for kids!
We hope you love the products we recommend!
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  • This product was naturally sweetened with healthy raspberry and grape bioflavonoids.
  • The iron added here is non-toxic and safe in polysaccharide form.
  • Suitable for toddlers, infants, and all children under the age of 4.
  • This product is free from lactose, additives, chemicals, dyes, E-numbers, dairy, corn, gluten, GMO, parabens, soy, sugar, alcohol, tree nuts, and allergens.
  • It contains eight essential vitamins, with a top-heavy emphasis on B-vitamins, ensuring a very healthy immune system, metabolism, and reduced stress.

  • What better way to boost the levels of vitamin D3 in a child’s diet than with delicious berry flavoured drops! 100% organic and natural of course.
  • One drop contains 400IU, a perfect daily dose for developing toddlers.
  • Free from GMO, alcohol, gluten, lactose, and casein.
  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the dose of vitamin D3 in one’s diet can be doubled as it aids the healthy development of joints and bones!
  • Help your child to sleep better at night, breathe easier, and have an even stronger immune system than ever before.

  • This Vitamin contains a good balance of daily nutrients without overdoing any of them when paired with your child’s ordinary diet.
  • This supplement also contains a few trace minerals, which is useful to help chelate and for proper absorption of all nutrients in general.
  • Trace minerals included in this supplement are zinc, selenium, biotin, magnesium, and iodine.
  • This product can help assist in the development of healthy bones, hair, nails, and skin.
  • Give your tot the best start in their world’s by empowering them with a full set of nutrition!

  • This cod liver oil is one of the best sources found in the world today, manufactured from fish found in pristine Norwegian lakes.
  • Omega-3’s like EPA and DHA are necessary for developing a healthy immune system, nervous system, and bones.
  • It has naturally occurring vitamin D, as well as very healthy oleic acid (an omega-9) and linolenic acid (another omega-3).
  • This product has natural polyphenols and flavonoids added to impart a fresh berry lime flavor. This avoids any issues that children may have with how it tastes!
  • Appropriate for children of all ages – consult with your pediatrician for infantile doses.

  • This product has an impressive array of B vitamins, including B12, B9, B6, B3, B2 and B1.
  • Included in the nutritional profile of this supplement is biotin for healthy hair and nail development.
  • Free from GMO, dairy, additives, or gluten.
  • All ingredients used in this product were derived from natural fruit and vegetable sources for optimal nutritional value.
  • B vitamins are essential for energy production – help your child to grow and develop with the right amounts of B vitamins added to their diets!

  • This supplement ensures that your child can handle the pressures of growing up!
  • Allow the vitamin Bs in this organic supplement to enrich your child’s diet and boost their immune system.
  • Vitamin B’s have been shown to help conditions like ADHD/ADD and even autism.
  • The body needs vitamin B for metabolism and making energy. Let your child start each day ready, prepared, and relaxed.
  • It contains trace minerals such as zinc, biotin, and chromium.
  • Manufactured using only organic food sources, which undergo a slow milling process to distill all the goodness nature has to offer into a set of tablets.

  • The perfect multi vitamin to protect your child’s immune system.
  • It contains fruit extracts and Methylfolate for a vitamin boost.
  • It is enriched with essential nutrients.
  • Completely natural and organioc ingredients.

  • It comes in different quantity options.
  • It contains essential probiotics and immune boosters.
  • Natural fruit and vegetable extracts.
  • Completely natural and organic.

  • USDA certified organic multivitamin.
  • No artificial flavors or sweeteners, only natural extracts.
  • Vegetarian Gummy vitamins for children with Gluten allergies, nut, soy, or dairy allergies.
  • Source of 10 essentail nutrients.

  • The perfect and delicious gummy site to boost your child’s immune system.
  • A superior methylfolate that contains natural fruit and vegetable extracts.
  • It is enriched with essential nutrients for development.
  • It also contains Iodine and Zinc.

  • It is made from all-natural and organic food created nutrients.
  • Ideal for toddlers of four years and older.
  • It also contains all the essential probiotics.
  • A delicious and easy chewable multivitamin.
  • A completely raw and natural non-GMO and organic certified Multivitamin for toddlers and children.

  • A tasty and chewy Children’s multivitamin that is ideal for ages 2-4.
  • They are packed with vitamins and mineral to aid in growth development and boosts the immune system.
  • All-natural and organic ingredients, including dark honey, elderberry, and agave. Only wholesome and pure ingredients are used.

Index Table: Top Organic Vitamins for Toddlers

1NovaFerrum Infantile Multi-Vitamin - B Vitamin Rich Multi-Vit For Toddlers
  • Contains Extra Iron
  • Includes MCT’s
2Child Life Organic Liquid D3 - Highly Assumable Form of Vitamin D3
  • Natural Berry Flavour
  • GMO Free
Child Life95
3Mama Bear Kiddies Multi-Vitamin - Balanced Organic Supplement for Toddlers & Up
  • 16 Essential Nutrients
  • No Artificial Ingredients
Mama Bear97
4Garden of Life Omega-3 Supplement - Norwegian Cod Fish Oil For Kids
  • Rich in EPA/DHA
  • Soft Chewable Gel Caps
Garden of Life97
5The Synergy Company Children’s Vit B Complex - Completely Organic B Vitamins for Infants
  • Made only using organic ingredients
  • GMO free
The Synergy Company97
6MegaFood Kiddies B Complex - All Natural Mineral-Vitamin B Complex
  • Contains Zinc
  • All Organic
7Vegan Kids Gummies - Organic Multivitamin for Kids
  • Organic
  • Non-GMO
  • Gummy Chew
Vegan Kids97
8NaturesPlus Animal Parade Gold - Organic Multivitamin for Toddlers and Children
  • Fruit Extracts
  • Probiotic
  • All Natural
9L’il Critters Organic Complete - Organic Kids Vitamin
  • Non-GMO
  • Organic
  • Gluten-Free
L’il Critters98
10MaruRuth Organics - Organic Vitamins for Toddlers
  • Immune System Support
  • Multivitamin
  • Organic
11Garden of Life Vegetarian - Vegetarian Organic Vitamins for Toddlers
  • Organic
  • Vegetarian
  • Raw
Garden of Life98
12Zaarbee’s Naturals - Organic Vitamins for Toddlers
  • Organic
  • Natural
  • Tasty

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