Best Organic Rice Cereal for Babies

If you are looking for the best organic rice cereal for your infant, then you have landed on the right page!

In this buyer’s guide, we cover the basics of all you need to know about organic baby cereals, why rice cereal is the best for most babies and what should be included to give your infant the best start in life.

Best Organic Rice Cereal for Babies

All You Need To Know About Introducing Baby Cereal to Your Baby

Here are some tips and pointers for first-time mothers who need an introduction to baby cereals and weaning a baby onto eating solids:

  • When Should I Start My Baby on Baby Cereal? Most children begin to eat cereal between the ages of 4 and 6 months. Before this time, the best form of nutrition for your baby is mother’s breast milk or organic baby formula.
  • What Does One Need To Make Baby Cereal? Baby cereals are traditionally made using any milk the baby is accustomed to or water. In the beginning, a warm watery porridge or cereal should be administered to your child to help slowly introduce solids. Check the temperature on your wrist to ensure it’s not too hot! As the child grows, slowly increase the ratio of cereal to liquid in the mixture. Note: many babies are allergic to cow’s milk. Expressed breast milk, organic almond milk or water are the best at this stage.
  • How Do I Introduce New Solid Foods To My Baby? Eventually your baby will be weaned on to a larger variety of solid foods. When you begin to thicken the porridge up a bit, you can begin to add pureed fruits or vegetables into the baby cereal.

Why is Organic Rice Cereal the Best Cereal for My Infant?

Most of the current research conducted on baby cereals concluded that organic rice cereal is the best solid food to start your child off with.

Wheat, as well as oats, both have gluten in them, which is another common allergen amongst infants and toddlers.

Rice cereal contains nearly a complete set of proteins and has been proven to cause the least reaction in infants.

This being said, there is a big difference between inorganic and organic rice cereal.

Inorganic rice cereal is likely to cause a reaction in your child due to the large volumes of chemical sprays used on the rice. Make sure the rice cereal you choose is organic!

Aside from organic rice cereal for babies, there are other grain alternatives one can try should your child be allergic to rice cereal.

These lesser-known grains include quinoa, spelt, amaranth, and teff. Organic quinoa is the best option out of these grains, containing a full set of proteins, prebiotic properties and tonnes of antioxidant nutrients.

Best Features of Organic Rice Cereal for Babies

If your organic rice cereal meets the below qualities, then you know that you are on your way to giving your infant the best nutritional start possible in life!

  • Certified Organic – be careful who you buy “organic” from. If the company does not have organic certification, such as being USDA certified organic, you shouldn’t assume that the product is organic. Some products will claim to be organic, and will still have some artificial ingredients added in. Double check the ingredients list to ensure that your baby cereal is 100% organic!
  • GMO Free – GMO free food is much better quality than GMO. It has been proven that GMO-free rice has far more nutrition than it’s genetically modified counterpart.
  • Brown Rice – the healthiest rice cereal of choice is brown rice cereal, also referred to as whole grain rice cereal. Brown rice traditionally undergoes a lot less processing than white rice varieties.
  • Allergen Free – in spite of being labeled organic, the rice cereal you choose may still have artificial flavoring or other synthetic additives. Avoid these to prevent any unforeseen complications for your child.
  • Arsenic Free – Over the years, it has been reported that trace amounts of arsenic were found in rice. Even in trace amounts, arsenic is toxic for us and especially our children. Some brands state whether they have arsenic-free rice or not. If it’s not stated on the packaging, it would be wise to contact the manufacturer to ask.

Reviews: Best Organic Rice Cereal for Baby

The below organic rice cereals for babies have all been tried, tested and loved by moms and babies across the globe!

  • Earth’s Best takes pride in delivering you a quality baby food to give your child a head start in life.
  • Fortified with digestible essential mineral iron for the best possible infant growth and development.
  • One serving contains 45% of your infants daily iron intake.
  • This product has been certified as being USDA Organic.
  • Entirely free from pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, metals, growth hormones or any other additives.
  • Made using Kosher GMO-free whole grain brown rice for superior results.
  • Just mix with warm water or your baby’s usual milk and stir until a smooth, bumpless mixture forms.

  • Gerber is a leading expert in infantile organic foods, devising this organic white rice cereal to guarantee the best tasting, healthiest start in life!
  • Ground very fine, the cereal makes a smooth, creamy porridge which is perfect for baby’s delicate digestive system.
  • This organic baby cereal has been enhanced with ten different vitamins and minerals that your child can easily absorb for healthy development.
  • Free from all artificial additives, colorants, and flavorings.
  • Certified USDA Organic and GMO-free.

  • Hipp interactive is a Euro brand dedicated to organic baby products from puree to baby cereals.
  • This organic white rice baby cereal was made using the softest varieties of rice for the easiest possible digestion.
  • Contains no allergens such as gluten, lactose, corn, soy or artificial additives.
  • All of Hipp Organic products have been certified as being organic and GMO-free in the spirit of true health.
  • Ideal for sensitive baby tummies that may find brown rice or oats a bit too rough to absorb.
  • Luxuriously smooth and easy to spoon feed to baby.

  • Here is an organic brown rice baby cereal that is action packed with all the starting nutrition your infant needs, according to leading Pediatricians.
  • Each serving contains a daily intake of 45% iron, 25% B Vitamins and 20% zinc.
  • Zinc is very beneficial for baby’s immune system, ensuring a very positive start in life with minimal hassles.
  • There are seven different B Vitamins included in this baby cereal, which have all been shown to aid nervous system development throughout your infant’s brain, heart, and gut.
  • Certified as USDA Organic Brown Rice as well as GMO-free.
  • Aside from crucial vitamins and minerals, there are absolutely no other additives or preservatives.

  • If your infant is having trouble on organic brown rice porridge, this organic quinoa baby cereal should do just the trick!
  • Quinoa is a protein-heavy grain that has a balanced and complete set of proteins.
  • This gluten-free baby cereal is ideal for giving sensitive kids a gentle beginning on solid foods.
  • Organic quinoa contains all the iron your baby needs, as well as many other growth supportive vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Certified as USDA organic, GMO-free as well as BPA free.

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