Best Organic Probiotics

If someone tells you that you need to take bacteria in order to become healthier, you’d probably think that person is crazy, but in fact, is what you are doing when you take probiotics, which are good bacteria that provide benefits for our health.
If you are curious about why you should start taking them, keep reading.

Organic Probiotics

What Are Probiotics?

We have millions of bacteria living in our body, especially in our digestive system, and not all of them are bad or harmful.

Probiotics are living organisms that are actually good for our health.

Probiotics are naturally found in products like yogurt, cheese or other dairy products, but you can also take a supplement if you consider that you are not ingesting enough amount of them from the diet.

The most common groups of helpful bacteria are lactobacillus and bifidobacterium, although there are several groups with different strains and benefits.

Health Benefits of Organic Probiotics

They Prevent and Reduce Dhiarrea – Probiotics are able to reduce diarrhea that is associated with antibiotics. They can reduce the duration of infectious diarrhea. Certain strains of probiotics are able to reduce the risk of other types of diarrhea.
Help you to Lose Weight – According to certain studies, probiotics may help you to reduce belly fat and may assist you to lose weight.
Improvement of Mental Health – The intake of probiotic supplements for 1 or 2 months is able to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety autism, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. It also reduces stress levels.
Good for your Heart Health – Certain strains of probiotics are able to reduce levels of LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol) and may also lower blood pressure. Probiotics break down bile, which is a fluid made of cholesterol, and they prevent it from being reabsorbed in the gut, where it can enter the blood as cholesterol.
Boosts your Immune System – Probiotics are able to reduce the risk of infections and they boost the production of immunity cells like lymphocytes or natural killer cells that have an important role in protecting our body from infections.
Boost your Skin Health – Probiotics are able to reduce the severity of eczema and allergic reactions in the response to dairy products.
Helps to Keep your Digestive System Healthy – Probiotics help us to keep gut bacteria in balance and improves symptoms of certain conditions like inflammatory bowel disease, Chron’s disease, and ulcerative colitis.

What to Know Before Taking Probiotics

Check What Groups of Bacteria it Has – Check the ingredients label and look for bacteria that are backup with science like lactobacillus or bifidobacterium if it comes with certain bacteria that you don’t know take your time to do some research and find out if they bring benefits. So many probiotics come with bacteria that do nothing for your health.
Organic – You can’t go wrong with organic products, you are going to get a probiotic that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.
The Probiotic Needs to Have at Least 1 Billion Colony Forming Units – This is a crucial thing to look for on a probiotic. Living microorganisms can pretty easily die due to heat, air or light so it is important to make sure that the number of active ingredients that you can find in each serving of the probiotic is high enough to provide you all the benefits.
Consult With your Doctor – Probiotics are a good choice when you have digestive issues or want to improve your immune system, but if you are completely healthy then you might check with your doctor about which probiotics are going to be good for you.
Take Them After Taking Antibiotics – Antibiotics take away all bacteria (harmful and good) so taking probiotics helps to restore gut bacteria.
Side Effects – You may experience certain side effects on the first days of taking probiotics like bloating, constipation, thirst, and gas.
You Need to Have Patience – Probiotics take around 4 weeks to start showing results.
Different Types of Strains – Instead of looking for a product that contains just one strain, look for one that contains the right combination of strains to provide you all the benefits you are looking for.
Expiration Date – It is important to check the expiration date of the probiotics because if the microorganisms are dead you won’t get any of the benefits.

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