Best Organic Hair Gel – Natural & Non-Toxic Ingredients

Umpteen chemicals and regular heat use can damage even the most healthy hair. If you are guilty of using such products, it is finally time to try organic hair gel.

While regular hair gels contain chemicals like parabens and phthalates, natural gels are more reliable. This article has rounded up some of the best organic hair gel brands in this article.

Besides, you will also find some of the benefits of these products.

Why Choose Non Toxic Hair Gel?

All natural hair gels have a few advantages over their synthetic counterparts, beginning with little or no chemicals.

By replacing chemicals with essential oils and botanical ingredients, you’ll decrease the risk of eye and scalp irritation.

When it comes to the consequences of using regular hair gels, dull and lifeless hair is just the tip of the iceberg.

Since gentler plant-based ingredients are used in nasty fillers, most organic hair gel brands are cruelty-free and vegan.

In addition to that, essential oils and botanical extracts are used for fragrance. Most importantly, the methods used to grow or harvest these plants are environmentally friendly.

Ultimately, choosing an organic hair gel shows your commitment to a wide variety of eco-friendly, socially responsible, and healthy practices.

The Benefits of Organic Natural Hair Gel

Mentioned-below are all the benefits of chemical free hair gel. Take a look!

  • Environment-friendly: The excess chemicals that aren’t absorbed by your hair get washed down the drain. This is how they can contaminate the environment. Since organic hair gels are mostly biodegradable, they are safe for the environment even if they dispose of.
  • Zero chemicals: Natural hair gels are enriched with essential oils, fruit extracts, aloe vera, and chamomile. Besides, they have no preservatives or chemicals that may affect your hair’s health.
  • Better value: Organic hair gels come with a hefty price tag compared to their non-organic counterparts. However, you’ll find that organic hair gels are more bang for your buck when you weigh the pros with the cons.
  • Promote hair health: chemically-laden hair gels help to add volume, but they are damaging in the long run. On the other hand, natural hair gels give the hair plenty of nutrients to grow healthy, strong hair.

Factors to Consider While Buying Natural Hair Gel

You don’t want to apply something to your hair only to find out that it causes dullness, dryness, or hair fall. That is why it’s important to choose your hair care product with great care and consideration.

  • Ingredients: The safest organic hair gels contain nourishing ingredients that are completely safe for your health. Some examples of safe ingredients include coconut oil, chamomile, aloe vera, jojoba, witch hazel, etc.
  • Hairstyle: The next thing to consider is the hairstyle you’re planning to do with your hair. When looking at different brands, think about the style you want to achieve.
  • Hair type: Knowing the hair type is essential to choose the organic hair gels that work best for you. The most common hair types include wavy, straight, kinky, and curly.
  • Hair texture: Last but not least, it is crucial to consider your hair texture (coarse, medium, or fine). Generally, it’s easy to pick hair gels for medium-textured hair. You need a gel with a good hold for fine hair, whereas for coarse hair, choose one that offers proper moisturization.
  • Gel Hold: Just like organic hair wax, this organic hair gel with a stronger hold will set your style in place, so the need for restyling is less. A weaker hold means that you can restyle the way you want. Meanwhile, a medium hold helps you do different hairstyling without much hassle.

Reviews: Best Organic Natural Hair Gel Brands

Now that you know the importance of organic natural hair gels let’s go through some of the market’s best products. It is also to inform you that any purchase made from the links mentioned below will help us earn some profit.

  • One of the best in hair care products, Andalou Naturals, manages to live up to the promises it makes.
  • It provides shine and strength to dry frizzy hair. Thanks to a combination of sunflower oil, citrus, and Vitamin E.
  • It contains organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free, making it entirely safe to apply for all kinds of hair types.
  • It can also easily be used to provides a stronghold without having stiff, crusty hair.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Nourishing 25% 100
Hypoallergenic 25% 100
Shine 20% 95
Strengthening 15% 95
Smell 15% 90
Total Score 100% 96.75

  • While GIOVANNI Eco Chic L.A. Natural Styling Gel may qualify as a budget choice, there’s nothing cheap about it. Instead, it’s one of the best vegan hair gels available today.
  • It will make your hair healthier by providing it with essential nutrients that will soak it into your scalp and hair follicles.
  • This gel has frizz-fighting effects which will lead to shinier, more beautiful, and healthier hair.
  • Giovanni hair gel contains no parabens, no sodium lauryl/Laureth sulfate, or other chemicals.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Nourishing 25% 100
Hypoallergenic 25% 100
Shine 20% 90
Strengthening 15% 95
Smell 15% 90
Total Score 100% 95.75

  • A nourishing and conditioning hair gel also helps to smooth out split ends.
  • It offers excellent shine and strength to your hair as well as giving them vitamins and minerals.
  • This all-natural hair styling gel contains organic plant-based ingredients.
  • It is perfect for those who are battling with frizz, flakes, and greasiness hair.

Rating Category Weight % Score
Nourishing 25% 100
Hypoallergenic 25% 95
Shine 20% 90
Strengthening 15% 95
Smell 15% 90
Total Score 100% 94.5

  • Favorite of various men and women, you have to give this organic hair gel a try.
  • There’s a lot to like about it since it is gluten-free and contains organic herbs and essential oils.
  • This USDA-certified natural hair gel is free from polyethylene, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, and Coco-Betaine.
  • In addition to that, this organic gel is excellent for molding your hair into your preferred style and provides all-day resilience.
  • You can apply Nature’s Brands organic hair gel to wet or dry hair.

  • People who use Simple Suds Co.’s all-natural hair styling gel swear by it! It is due to its clean ingredient list.
  • The product is alcohol-free and sulfate-free.
  • Its lightweight formula is perfect for that carefree and relaxed look that goes for all kinds of occasions.
  • Apart from that, it is also free from synthetic fragrances.
  • Furthermore, it is perfectly suitable for all hair types and gives a super stronghold.

  • Made with 90% natural organic ingredients, this healthy hair gel is completely chemical-free.
  • It will provide you with a strong and flake-free hold.
  • Besides, it also smoothens the flyaways and frizz.
  • It is ideal for all hair types and even children’s hair.
  • The gel provides natural nourishment to your hair.

  • It offers extreme hold to resistant fly-aways and frizz.
  • In addition to that, it is humidity and wind-resistant.
  • The gel is made with natural and organic ingredients that nourish the hair.
  • Besides, it is an excellent choice for dandruff and psoriasis treatment.

  • Max Green Alchemy’s Scalp Rescue Styling Gel is highly versatile.
  • This safe and organic hair gel is formulated to work with all hair types. However, it is especially beneficial for those with dry or oily scalps.
  • It gives optimum firmness and control.
  • Another thing to like about this organic hair styling gel is that it’s vegan. The list of ingredients also includes essentials oils.
  • Other than that, it safe for color-treated hair and prevents dandruff and psoriasis of the scalp.

  • This hair gel comes in different package options to choose from.
  • It is paraben and sulfate-free.
  • The gel by Little Roseberry is lightweight and super safe for children.
  • Besides, no fragrances or chemicals are used in this product.

  • Here is an all-natural hair gel for kids enriched with vitamins.
  • It offers a firm to medium hold and gives extra nourishment to the hair.
  • This toddler hair gel is vegan, gluten-free, and hypoallergenic.
  • Apart from that, this hair balm styler is super mild and versatile.
  • You’d be surprised to notice that a little goes a long way!

Index Table: Top Rated Organic Natural Hair Gel

1Andalou Naturals Sunflower & Citrus - Non-toxic Hair Styling Gel
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
Andalou Naturals96.75
2GIOVANNI Lightweight - Organic Hair Gel
  • Cruelty-free
  • 100% Vegan
3JASON Hi-Shine - Flaxseed Hair Gel
  • Parabens-free
  • Deep conditioning
4Nature's Brands Non-toxic - Natural Hair Gel
  • USDA certified
  • Gluten-free
Nature's Brands98
5Simple Suds Co All Natural - Hair Gel
  • Paraben-free
  • Alcohol-free
Simple Suds Co97
6Majestic Pure Quick-Drying - Organic Hair Gel
  • Nourishing
  • Flake-free
Majestic Pure98
7MGA Scalp Rescue - Chemical-free Hair Gel
  • Extreme Hold
  • Gentle protection
8Max Green Alchemy Organic - Unisex Hair Gel
  • Paraben free
  • Sulfate free
Max Green Alchemy98
9Little Roseberry Kids - Organic Hair Gel
  • Lightweight
  • Fragrance-free
Little Roseberry97
10LANE & CO. Kid's - Plant-Based Hair Gel
  • Non-sticky
  • Organic
LANE & CO.98

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