The Best Organic Almond Butter

Almonds and almond butter are known to many to be an appetizing source of fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

It’s imperative to choose organic almonds to get the maximum benefits; as the chemicals used in non-organic varieties will create health problems.

Find out more about the health benefits of organic almond butter, what to consider when buying organic almond butter and ways to use almond butter in your home.

Best Organic Almond Butter

Top Health Benefits of 100% Organic Almond Butter

  • Weight Loss & Heart Health – Almond butter is rich in good fats, leaving you feeling satisfied without excess weight gain or cholesterol build-up. These healthy fats are mono-unsaturated fats, which have been proven to be beneficial to cardiovascular health and greatly improving weight loss results when substituted into our diets.
    Another reason almonds help for weight loss: Studies have shown almond butter and almonds to control blood sugar levels and aid digestion. Other research, which is steadily growing, points to the prebiotic properties of almonds, suggesting almonds will improve the health of your GI tract.
  • Nut Butter Vs Peanut Butter – Almond Butter works as a highly beneficial and delicious substitute for peanut butter (which is often GMO or riddled with fungi/mold toxins). Allergic and mold-toxin-aware individuals alike can enjoy something extra healthy to replace peanut butter. The best organic almond butter will benefit anyone, however, being rich in many essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Almond Protein & Nutrients – Almonds are rich in calcium, riboflavin, niacin, as well as E and B vitamins. Once again, almond butter is also a fabulous source of fiber and is full of inflammation-reducing antioxidants.

This article gives one a full list of all nutritional information about almonds for those who would like to conduct further research into why almonds are healthy.

Raw vs Roasted & Other Organic Almond Butter Buying Considerations

Raw vs Roasted Almond Butter
Many people want to know if roasting the almonds makes a difference. If roasted above 104 F (40 C), the enzymes will denature (be cooked out the almonds). The healthiest almond nut butter would be a raw organic nut butter, although when compared to roasted nut butter, roasted tastes better. When shopping for the best organic roasted almond butter, make sure to select a dry roasted (dehydrated) almond butter that has no added sugar or preservatives.

Glass or Plastic Jars?
The answer to this question has always been glass. When plastic is heated, it leaches small plastic particles into your food, which create hormonal or metabolic disturbances inside the body. If using plastic, make sure to store it in a cool place or just use glass, which is safe.

Almond Butter Shelf Life & Storage
Raw almond butter usually keeps for longer than roasted nut butter. Store almond butter inside your fridge, even before opening the container. The average shelf life of almond butter is 6months, so make sure what you buy is as fresh as possible! If almond butter becomes rancid, it will smell like “industrial oil or oil paint” fumes or look moldy. Oil separation in nut butter is quite natural, especially with roasted almond butter.

10 Fresh Ideas For Using Organic Almond Butter

Here are 10 great ideas you can use for more best almond butter recipe options or to substitute almond butter into your diet:

  1. Enhance Sautéed Meals or Spicy Foods (like curries) with Almond Butter.
  2. Add Almond butter on top of fruit salad for a delicious flavour.
  3. Put Almond Butter in smoothies for extra protein and nutrients.
  4. Make Energy bars with almond butter to power you for the whole day!
  5. Spread almond butter on your crackers or bread to boost nutrition.
  6. Add Almond Butter to Enhance your next natural sorbet experience.
  7. Use almond butter as a face mask!
  8. Ice your next vegan or paleo cake with almond butter as icing.
  9. Eat as an on-the-go snack on its own, in teaspoon quantities. (WARNING: self discipline may be a requirement here!)
  10. Decant Any Excess Liquid oil from almond butter for use in cooking or for pampering your skin.

Reviews: Best Organic Almond Butter

Below we have made a unique list of the best organic almond butter, including the best almond butter for weight loss. Nut butter will also add extra dietary nutrition for an energy packed day!

We also have listed one or two for skincare for those seeking organic almond butter skincare lotion.

  • This Sweet Almond Oil Butter is good to use raw in cooking or as part of a body lotion to add extra nourishment to your skin.
  • 100% organic almonds were used to produce this product.
  • Extracted using the expeller method which heats up between 140-210 degrees F to produce a very smooth almond butter.
  • Does not need to be refrigerated. Store in a cool, dry place.
  • Almond oil is rich in the best fatty acids and beneficial nutrients for your body and skin.
  • Dr. Adorable Inc’s Almond Oil Butter has a delicate, sweet, aromatic smell.
  • Certified Kosher and Vegan.

  • Made in small batches for quality control from pure organic California almonds.
  • Creamy raw almond butter, ideal for crackers, salads, curries, sorbets, smoothies or just eating supplementally by the spoonful!
  • This almond butter complies with the vegan diet, paleo diet, gluten-free diets and is extra nutritious.
  • Keep stored in a cool place as this is housed in a plastic container.
  • No added preservatives, chemicals, vitamins, additives, sugar, salt or stabilizers.

  • This organic almond nut butter is so pure, it exhibits macrobiotic properties and will aid digestion inside sensitive tummies.
  • 100% Organic and does not contain anything except one of the creamiest pure raw almond nut butters.
  • This nut butter is rich in dietary manganese and vitamin E.
  • A fantastic dietary source of calcium for lactose or dairy intolerance.
  • Get your daily dose of fiber with this delicious organic almond nut butter, adding a bit of healthful richness to your day.
  • GMO-free and USDA Organic Certified.

  • The smooth taste of Once Again Almond Nut Butter is derived from the light toasting the organic almonds receive before being creamed.
  • Once Again Almond Nut Butter is pure and organic, containing all the health benefits of almonds.
  • Almond Butter can help to alleviate indigestion caused by inflammation and is suggested to have prebiotic properties.
  • Once Again does not add anything to their Organic Almond Nut Butter, not even salt or sugar, making it ideal for diabetics and metabolic syndrome cases.
  • This Organic Almond Butter will enhance any meal when added, imparting a roasted nutty flavor to sauces, soups, curries, sautees, salads, and smoothies.

  • This all natural product is one of the most popular chocolate almond nut butters available.
  • Indulge in your chocolate craving while having health benefits from almonds to compensate.
  • These almonds are superior quality and dry roasted.
  • The epitome of decadence, this spread would work great with dark red berries, in dessert smoothies or on its own as a simple treat.
  • Not suitable for diabetics or people with severe chronic lifestyle conditions.
  • MaraNatha Chocolate Nut Butter Spread been compared to the popular Chocolate Hazelnut Butter Spread Nutella and enjoyed more for the properties of almonds.

Comparison Table: Top-Rated Organic Almond Butter

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