Organic Coconut Sugar

White Sugar causes your blood glucose level to drastically increase and it worsens the health of your heart.
It accelerates weight gain and aging in people who consume it on a daily basis.

Whereas Organic Coconut Sugar is the ideal alternative for anyone who is looking to manage their weight or make a healthy lifestyle change. It is also great for diabetic patients as it has a very low glycemic index score.
Moreover, it is very light on your body and immune and leaves no long-lasting effects as compared to the white sugar. It consists of certain minerals most notably calcium and magnesium along with iron and potassium which are present in white sugar in such minimal amounts that it has no real benefit.

Organic Coconut Sugar

Why Switch to Organic Coconut Sugar?

Coconut sugar is the perfect alternative to all the sugar cravings you have! It has many benefits that should be considered while making the switch.

  • Electrolytes – It contains many electrolytes and is reported to have almost 400 times more potassium than normal sugar. They are great for regulating the water levels in the body and very beneficial for your nervous system and heart.
  • Glycemic Index – A low Glycemic Index is one of the best-selling points of coconut sugar.
  • GI Score – Regular table sugar has a GI score of approximately 65 while coconut sugar GI score is as low as 35-25 making it the best option for diabetes patients.
  • Nitrogen – Nitrogen helps in making your heart and cardiovascular system stronger. Vitamin C’s presence ensures that your immune system stays strong and keeps you away from all diseases while also promoting the betterment of your skin.
  • Anti-Oxidants – Since coconut sap is a raw food. This means that it will contain all of its rich anti-oxidants present in it originally. Antioxidants fight off the oxidation of cells in the body, which helps combat aging. The list of its benefits goes on and honestly, it’s not a tough decision to make this shift.

How can you use Organic Coconut Sugar?

The good news is that it can be used in everything! Anywhere you like in any recipe you of your choice. This is a natural sweetener perfect for all your sugar cravings.

Reviews: Best Organic Coconut Sugar

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Score: 96.7
  • It is made by Big Tree Farms to serve as natures perfect sweeten.
  • The sugar is 100% organic and USDA Certified, Vegan free and Non-GMO Project verified.
  • The sugar is unrefined with one of the lowest glycemic index sweeteners ideal for all diabetic patients looking for a sweet yet least harmful alternative.
  • It is ecologically beneficial and highly nutritious.

  • Made by Big Tree Farms and packed in a resealable pouch to maintain its freshness.
  • It is ideal for diabetic patients as it is naturally low on the glycemic index, almost about GI 35.
  • It is unrefined and a high nutrient source.
  • It is a wholesome alternative to our routinely consumed sugar and cane sugar as it is also Gluten-free and Kosher Certified.
  • It has a very similar flavor to the normal brown sugar and leaves a very caramelized taste in your mouth also easily dissolves in liquids.
Score: 98 By John Max

  • Made by Better Body Foods as a refined sugar alternative which is completely gluten free and non-GMO verified.
  • It is low on the glycemic index, which means that it won’t alter the normal blood sugar level in order to grossly effect in diabetes patient.
  • The sugar tastes just like caramel so it can easily replace all the places you normal white sugar was taking while also posing a hazard to your health.
  • Considered to be the best alternative in baked items from cakes to cookies and from pancakes to brownies.
  • As it is derived from the nectar of flowers on coconut trees it is able to retain a set of nutrients that many other coconut products can’t hold. So this unrefined sweetener is good for anyone seeking to avoid sugar and still satisfy their sweet tooth.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • This vegetarian coconut sugar allows anyone to enjoy the authentic and fresh taste of Indian sourced fresh coconuts.
  • It has a low glycemic index which makes it the right sweetener for any diabetic patient along with supplying a blend of vitamins and minerals.
  • Kokos Natural uses expatiated shipping to deliver its goods within 3-5 working days so that customers can savor its sweetness while it’s still fresh.
  • It can be used as a replacement in any of your daily drinks like milkshakes, coffee, and tea.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • It is a splendid replacement for daily consumption as it is to sweeten desserts, tea, salads and sauces etc.
  • No anti-fermentation agent or no sulfite.
  • Virgin nectar, evaporated concentrate powder. Its final caramel brown look is achieved by slow cooking it in a wood-fired open pan.
  • It is completely free of any additives, chemicals, and engineered enzymes. Also, it is Gluten Free and Vegan.
  • The sweetener’s glycemic index is as low as 35 as opposed to the normally high 68-80 GI in refined cane sugar or mid 55 GI for Bee honey.
  • It is also very low on calories providing only 15 per serving.
Score: 93 By John Max

  • A smarter choice for anyone looking to lose weight or substitute it with white sugar.
  • It has a low GI score than table sugar thus it is also the ultimate option to a diabetic patient whose blood sugar levels are very fluctuating.
  • Its caramel-like flavor distinguishes it from our common household sweeteners and it is also rich in antioxidants and many minerals supporting better health.
  • It may be justifiable to compare its physical appearance with brown sugar and cane sugar but when it comes to taste and quality it is far better and superior quality.
  • This fine organic mesh of supreme quality is USDA certified organic, kosher and vegan.
Score: 95 By John Max

Index Table: Top-Rated Organic Coconut Sugar

1Big Tree Farms Organic Coconut Sugar - Natural Perfect Sweetener
  • All Pure
  • Chemical-Free
Big Tree Farms96.7
2Big Tree Farms Organic Brown Coconut Sugar - Unrefined & Low Glycemic
  • Gluten Free
  • Healthy
Big Tree Farms98
3BetterBody Foods Organic Coconut Palm Sugar - Organic Gluten Free Sweetener
  • Low Glycemic
  • USDA Certified
BetterBody Foods95
4Kokos Natural Organic Coconut Sugar - Alternative Natural Organic Sweetener
  • Amino Acids
  • Vitamins &
  • Minerals
Kokos Natural95
5Manila Coco Coconut Sap Sugar - Organic Sweetener
  • Virgin
  • Vegan
Manila Coco93
6Earth Circle Organics Organics Bulk Coconut Sugar - Organic Coconut Sugar
  • Gluten-Free
  • All-Natural
Earth Circle Organics95

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