Best Organic Rosehip Oil

Rosehip oil is one of the most wonderful natural ingredients for your skin, unlike rose oil which is extracted from the petals of the roses, this oil is pressed from the seeds and fruit of the Rosa Canina plant, which is originated from Chile.

Keep reading to find out why you should start incorporating this oil into your routine.

Rosehip Rosa Canina

Health Benefits of Organic Rosehip Oil

  • It Moisturizes the Skin – Rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acid that deeply moisturize the skin and prevent the water loss. Linolenic acid is an important component of ceramides, which helps to build the skin’s barrier and protects us from environmental aggressors like pollution. It is suitable for all skin types, even oily skin.
  • It Helps to Heal the Skin – It has regenerating effects on the skin that makes it able to heal scars and burns. It accelerates wound healing. According to research, rosehip oil stimulates macrophages to repair your skin effectively. It helps the skin to rebuild collagen and minimize the appearance of stretch marks.
  • It is an Anti-Aging Oil – Rosehip oil contains nourishing ingredients like vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, promotes skin renewal and stimulates collagen production. Vitamin C reduces fine lines and wrinkles and also increases collagen production.
  • It is an Antioxidant – Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that fights free radical damage, which has an important role in the premature signs of aging and sun damage.
  • It Improves your Complexion – Thanks to its high content of vitamin A and vitamin C, rosehip oil can fade dark spots and improve hyperpigmentation. It brightens your complexion and is going to give you a wonderful glow.
  • It Has Antimicrobial Properties – Rosehip oil contains phenols which have antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. It is great to prevent fungal acne and infections related to eczema.
  • It Relieves the Stress – Rosehip oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. It has been proven that it reduces the systolic blood pressure, breathing rate, and blood oxygen saturation, making you feel more relax and calm.
  • It is Anti-Inflammatory – Due to the high content of polyphenols and anthocyanin, rosehip oil is effective in reducing inflammation and joint pain.

What to Look For on a Good Rosehip Oil

  • Cold-Pressed – This assures that the oil contains all of its nutrients, oils that are processed under heat lose several of its properties.
  • First Active Ingredient – It is important that rosehip oil is the first of the second main ingredient on the product you are buying. When you check the ingredients label, the first or second ingredient must be the rosehip oil. The first ingredients are the ones that have a larger concentration on the product.
  • Unrefined – This type of oil contain more nourishing ingredients that the ones that are refined.
  • It Has to Come on a Dark Bottle – Oils may get damage due to exposure to light and heat, so it is important that they come in a dark bottle.
  • Organic – When you use an organic oil, make sure that it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals; and that no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers used during the process of obtaining the oil, this way you are going to get all the benefits of the oil.
  • Check the Expiration Date – If the oil expires in 3 years or any other long period of time, it is most likely refined.
  • Check the Smell and Color – Even if the oil promises to be organic if it doesn’t have a smell and the color looks light, it is most likely refined and doesn’t provide the same benefits of organic oil.

Ways to Use Organic Rosehip Oil

  • As the Last Step of Your Skincare Routine – Rosehip oil is going to moisturize your skin and give it a healthy glow.
  • For your Hair – Rosehip oil doesn’t only provides benefits for the skin, its nourishing ingredients also work for hydrating your hair and keeping a healthy scalp.
  • For your Eyelashes – Apply some oil on your eyelashes every other day to keep them healthy and long.
  • Apply it on Scars, Bruises, or Burns – Rosehip accelerates wound healing, promotes the skin turnover, and helps to repair it.
  • For the Stretch Marks – Apply it every day on stretch marks to minimize their appearance.

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