Best Organic Protein Bars

Finding the best organic protein bars can seem to be a challenge as there is a lot to choose from!

Here we aim to make it easier for you by drawing your attention to the wonders of plant-based proteins, what you should include and avoid, as well as reviewing some of the best organic protein bars themselves.

Best Organic Protein Bars

The Difference Between Plant Based Proteins & Animal Proteins

Many people wonder why they ought to be eating plant-based proteins when working out, as opposed to animal proteins.

Plant based proteins are full of nutritional variety and richness. They contain nutrients that are often lacking from their meaty counterparts. These nutrients (referred to as phytochemicals or antioxidants) will help you to metabolize all your food, put on muscle easier and burn fat more effectively. These antioxidants also give your body many protective benefits, encouraging longevity and counteracting aging.

Animal proteins, on the other hand, often come with consequences when eaten in large quantities. Aside from containing fewer proteins than many plant-based nutrients, animal products contain by-products, usually in the form of free radicals. This is because most animals are fed unhealthy diets and lead a high-stress lifestyle before being taken off to be butchered. Studies have also linked the consumption of animal products to increased risk of heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes. Free-range organic eggs are an exception when eaten in moderation.

A List Of What To Avoid In Your Organic Protein Bars

The following foods may sound healthy, but in fact, they are not. Avoid these foods in your protein bars to ensure optimal healthy living!

  • High Fructose Corn Syrup – High fructose corn syrup has been shown to induce tumors in multiple studies done on animals and humans. It is way above sugar on the glycemic index, and it also makes the body produce a certain compound that leaves you feeling hungry. No thanks!
  • Soy – Soy contains too many substances that emulate estrogens. In both men and women, this will create hormonal imbalances, which will affect digestion and mood. In men, this is particularly worse and can lead to prostatic cancer down the line.
  • Too Many Beans – Beans are fantastic for our health, but if you eat too many of them, they will cause gas and bloating. Beans are also usually loaded with insoluble fiber, meaning that too many of them in your diet can lead to constipation. Limit the number of bean proteins in your protein bars to one or two, and you should be fine!
  • Dairy – Over consuming dairy products often leads to bowel problems like leaky gut syndrome, a nasty metabolic condition where everything can permeate right through your intestines! This is another problem with animal products.
  • Gluten – Gluten is a complicated protein made up of about 28 different proteins. The main problem with gluten is that the majority of the population battle to metabolize it, allowing it to gunk up the digestive tract. Furthermore, the research is clear that gluten begins to wear away at the lining of the intestines, causing it to become weaker. Those with coeliac disease or irritable bowel syndrome are not the only ones who can’t handle gluten but are the ones with the most volatile reactions to it. Avoid it to make sure you properly absorb all the nutrients in your protein bar.

Top 5 Best Foods For Organic Protein Bars

The following foods are very healthy for you and should be eaten every day, as much as possible, as well as in your protein bars!

  1. Chia Seeds – Chia seeds have a complete set of amino acids, which are essential for healthy muscle building. They also contain a fantastic amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which protect us, boost our immunes and aid metabolism. Aside from this, chia seeds also happen to be a rich source of protein and fiber.
  2. Quinoa – Quinoa is a gluten-free grain that contains far more fiber than wheat or rice. Used by the ancient Aztecs, quinoa helps to put on muscle and maintain a good weight profile without gumming up your tummy.
  3. Nuts – All nuts are rich in protein, contain a bit of fiber, have lots of healthy vitamins, fats, and nutrients, as well as no sugar. Cashews, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, pecans, pistachios, and just about any nuts you can think of are great!
  4. Peas – Pea protein has been used by bodybuilders and vegans alike to maintain a healthy balance of proteins in their diet. Out of all legumes, peas contain the highest amount of protein and have proven to be effective at muscle building. If you’re going to eat beans in your protein bar, peas are the best for that post-workout meal.
  5. Sprouts – Sprouted seeds, grains or nuts all have a high amount of protein, amino acids, digestive enzymes, and nutrients because they are required for intensive growth that the seedling has to go through. This is also fantastic for energy and building muscle.

Reviews: Best Organic Protein Bar

Here are some of the yummiest and healthiest organic vegan protein bars that are bound to give you energy!

  • These bars are a great low-sugar, high protein source of nutrition for snacks or pre and post workout treats!
  • They contain lots of proteins from chia, rice, oats, cashews, and almonds, all of which will work together to maintain a healthy weight and put on muscle.
  • Added Vitamin E to these bars makes them incredibly healthy, with heart and lung-protective benefits too.
  • Be warned, the size of each bar is tiny, but they are dense with nutrients and are filling for many as a post-workout snack.
  • Contains lots of antioxidants, including magnesium, omega-3s, calcium, and iron.
  • These all organic protein bars are one of the best ways to add a lot of extra nutrition to your kid’s packed lunch!
Score: 97.4 By John Max

  • 22 Days was named after the scientific fact that it can take 21 days to change your behavior – these bars are here to help you all the way!
  • 100% Organic and GMO-free, they contain all the protein you need for a perfect exercise routine.
  • Aside from being gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy free, these bars are also incredibly delicious and will brighten your day.
  • Complete with 20g of protein, you will be building that muscle in no time if you eat these before your workout.
  • Say goodbye to unhealthy food cravings and just eat one of these – it’s worth it, and you’ll feel great on day 22.
Score: 97 By John Max

  • RXBARS takes pride in their “no B.S.” bars, proudly listing their ingredients on the front of the packaging, in your face.
  • Made from dates, egg whites, almonds, cashews, cacao and sea salt, the protein in these bars comes from nuts and egg whites.
  • 100% organic, GMO-free and tasty, these bars are sold in the hundreds of thousands worldwide.
  • Aside from 2 dates, each bar is sugar-free, making them healthy even for those who are predisposed to diabetes!
  • Get a boost at the start of the day and feel the raw power of these delicious chocolate bars without plummeting an hour later.
Score: 95 By John Max

  • “Be a Green Goddess” is the aim of these delicious green organic protein bars, rich in sprouted seeds and nuts.
  • The primary green ingredient is spirulina, which has a high chlorophyll content, promoting oxygenation and optimal immune function.
  • The nuts and flaxseed sprouts will help you to put on muscle naturally if you are working out while enjoying these bars.
  • Entirely GMO-free, organic and not made with any artificial substances, sugar, gluten or dairy.
  • All the ingredients are raw, vegan and kosher, making them safe for just about anyone to eat!
Score: 98 By John Max

  • Garden of Life’s superior brand has done it again with these ultimate protein bars, all of which are 100% organic and loaded with healthy ingredients.
  • Scientifically selected plant proteins were used to provide a complete set of plant-based proteins for athletes and body-builders.
  • The proteins used include peanuts, lots of pea protein and brown rice, forming a precious, tasty balance.
  • Liquorice root extract used in these adds additional energy boosting properties, normalizing the kidneys and adrenals for optimal performance.
  • Stevia leaf extract will help to enhance cognition and improve concentration, aiding you to stay focused throughout the day.
  • Everything in the ingredients list is certified organic, GMO-free and vegan.
Score: 98 By John Max

Comparison Table: Top Organic Protein Bars

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