Best Organic Dishwasher Detergent

Dishwasher detergent is one of those products we consider to be completely safe to use just because we don’t apply it on our skin.

But in fact, our hands are in regular contact with it and most of them contain harmful chemicals that are going to contaminate your dishes.

We are going to explain to you why switching to an organic dishwasher detergent is the best you can do.

Organic Dishwasher Detergent

Life-Saving Tips to Choose the Right Dishwasher Detergent

Read the Ingredients Label – Don’t just buy any product that promises to offer natural ingredients. Always take your time to check the ingredients label because you might find harmful chemicals even if the product looks like it is 100% organic.
No Fragrance – Maybe using a dishwasher detergent that smells good may seem nice, but unless that smell comes from an essential oil it is going to dry out your hands and irritate your skin.
Avoid Toxic Chemicals – When you use harmful chemicals they dry out your skin, and some residues can stick to your dishes and you may ingest it, it also makes it a dangerous product at home because kids can ingest it which may be fatal.
Go for Natural Ingredients – Many natural ingredients have antibacterial and antiseptic properties that allow them to remove grease and diet. They are also gentle with your skin so your hands are going to keep soft and moisture.

Surprising Toxic Chemicals That are on your Dishwasher Detergent

Chlorine – This is a common ingredient in cleaning products and to disinfect swimming pools. Chlorine is poisonous when it is inhaled, swallowed or touched. Some of the symptoms of chlorine poisoning are vomiting, fluid inside the lungs, stomach pain, and low blood pressure.
Benzisothiazolinone – It is commonly used in cleaning products and as a preservative. It can be irritating to the skin, eyes, and lungs. It may cause allergic reactions.
Triclosan – It is an antimicrobial agent that is present in soaps, detergents, and toothpaste. It is considered an endocrine-disruptor and it is associated with allergic reactions and dermatitis.
Ethylene Oxide – This chemical never appears on the ingredients list because it is a chemical intermediate. It used to control insects, sterilize medical equipment, and to make chemicals that are used in detergents. It depresses the central nervous system, irritates the eyes, skin, and lungs. It is considered a carcinogen to humans.
Formaldehyde – It is added along with preservatives in cleaning products so they slowly release and prevent bacterial contamination. Formaldehyde is associated with itchy skin and dermatitis. It is known as a human carcinogen, long exposure to it increases the risk of developing cancer. The inhalation of formaldehyde can lead to asthma and other lung diseases. The ingestion of formaldehyde is fatal.
Sulfates – They are a cheap additive that allows cleansers to foam. They dry out your skin and strip its natural oils. They irritate the skin and are associated with allergic reactions.
Ammonia – It is a chemical that is commonly present is dish detergents. If you swallow or breath ammonia it reacts with water and produces ammonium hydroxide which is a corrosive chemical that causes cough as well as nose and throat irritation. When you get exposed to high concentrations it causes burning of eyes and nose, blindness, and lung damage.

Ingredients to Look for on a Good Organic Dishwasher Detergent

Lemon Essential Oil – It is an astringent that reduces and controls grease. It acts as a disinfectant. It is gentle with your skin so it won’t dry out your hands. It has a delicious smell that will leave your dishes smelling fresh.

Lavender Oil – This oil has antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties. It works to disinfect the dishes. It adds a fresh and delicious scent. When it is diffused it has calming properties.

Orange Essential Oil – It is an anti-inflammatory, improves blood flow and relieves the swelling that comes from allergies. It is an antiseptic that works great to kill bacteria, has amazing cleaning properties and has a fresh, natural, citrus fragrance.

Kosher Salt – This type of salt is less processed than regular salt and has great cleaning properties. When it is combined with other ingredients such as essential oils it gets the perfect texture to remove grease and dirt.

Aloe Vera – It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It also adds moisture so your hands are going to feel soft after you wash the dishes.

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