What Eyeliner Suits Your Eye Shape and Colour

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Eyes are the windows of the soul. The way you decorate them can completely change the appearance of the eyes. Eyeliner styles should be based on the shapes of the eyes, as well as the eye color. Read on to find out more!

Different Eye Colors

Here are the different eye colors and matching shade for them:

1. Green
2. Brown
3. Hazel
4. Blue

  • Green – Green eyes come in a variety of shades, from light green to blue-greens, and deep green. Depending on the shade of your eyes, it can reflect the colors in your surroundings, such as your eye makeup colors and dress color, and may even be influenced by your mood. To find out what colors work best to enhance green eyes, look at the color wheel. Since red is opposite to green, all the red colors and shades complement green eyes, including bronze, maroon, burgundy, brown, etc.
  • Brown – Brown eyes are one of the most common eye color. More than 55% of the world population has brown eyes. Brown eyes range from light brown, to almost-black chocolate brown, including amber, honey brown, nut brown, etc. Brown eye colors compliment most colors and makeup styles. Eyeliner in brown shades make brown eyes appear richer, whereas, vibrant shades of blue, purple, green, etc., can bring out the vibrance in brown eyes.
  • Hazel – Hazel eye colors feature a mixture of green and brown tones. Due to the dual-toned nature of this eye color, different colors can bring out different shades in the eyes. By choosing your eyeliner color, as well as outfit colors, you can influence and enhance the color of your eyes. Hazel eyes pair well with eyeliner in colors including deep greens, as well as plum, brown, and grey shades.
  • Blue – Blue eyes are very common, especially in European countries and America. They come in a lot of shades, from light ice blue, to bright blues and deep blues. In some people, blue eyes feature gold specks in the iris, while some are tinged with greens. Copper and gold shades make blue eyes appear vibrant, along with champagne shades, warm brown, terracotta, etc.

Different Eye Shapes

Here are the different eye shapes and eyeliner style for them:

1. Round Eyes
2. Almond Eyes
3. Upturned Eyes
4. Downturned Eyes
5. Hooded Eyes
6. Monolid Eyes

Round Eyes:
Round eyes are the easiest to identify with the big, doll-like appearance. This eye type creates a naturally wide eyed look. It features curved upper and lower eye lids, with visible crease in the upper eyelid. To determine if you have round eyes, you should notice white on the upper and lower sides of your iris.

  • Eyeliner Style – For round eyes, you need your eyeliner to elongate the eyes and make them appear larger than they are, to create a balance. The best way to do this with eyeliner is to go with a cat-eye style. Since it comes with a thick line, it covers the eyelid and ends with a beautiful elongated wing. To create a dramatic look, smudge the upper and lower lashline with liner to create a sultry, smokey effect.

Almond Eyes:
As the name suggests, almond eyes appear almond shapes. They are horizontally oval, and most people also have upturned outer corners of their almond eyes. Almond shaped eyes are symmetrical and well-proportioned, and are also the most common eye shape. To determine whether your eyes are almond shaped or not, check if for a visible crease in the eyelid. Also check whether your iris touches both the top and bottom lids.

  • Eyeliner Style – Almond eyes look good with almost every eye liner style. However, there is one style than makes almond eyes stand out even more. For this style, start with a thin line from the inner corner of the eyes and gradually thicken it until you reach the outer corner

Upturned Eyes:
A very common eye shape, upturned eyes are also similar to almond-shaped eyes. They appear oval in shape, with an upward tilt at the outer edges. However, unlike downturned eyes, lower lids of upturned eyes appear larger and more prominent. To determine if you have upturned eyes, try the same trick of drawing a straight line. If the outer corners stay above the middle line, your eyes fall into the upturned category.

  • Eyeliner Style – Upturned eyes look stunning as they are. However, if you want to downplay the upturned corners of the eyes, you can use eyeliner to balance it out. Tightline the upper and lower lashline, and create a thicker liner on the outermost corner of the lower lid. Moreover, to enhance the upturned shape of your eyes, you can do a thin liner from the inner corner to the outer corner, and end with a wing.

Downturned Eyes:
Downturned eyes appear similar to almond shape. However, they droop down at the outer corner of the eyes; hence the word downturned. Due to the downward angle at the outer corner of the eyes, the upper eyelid appears much longer than the lower lids. To determine if you have downturned eyes, imagine drawing a straight horizontal line through the middle of your eyes. If the outer corners fall below the line, your eyes are downturned.

  • Eyeliner Style – Downturned eyes are known to look a little dull and droopy. To give a wide-awake appearance to your downturned eyes, you need to apply eyeliner in a way that makes them appear upturned. For this, draw an upward flick; it can be as thick or thin as you like. Concentrate the flick at the outer corner of the eyes, and also coat the lashes at the outer corner with the best non toxic mascara.

Hooded Eyes:
Hooded eyes feature an eyelid covered or hooded by skin, and sometimes even the brow bone. Hooded eyes have a crease that isn’t visible, as it’s hidden underneath the skin on top. You can be born with hooded eyes, or it can be a side effect of aging when your skin starts to lose elasticity. People often confuse hooded eyes with monolids, however, they are not the same. Still, monolids can be considered a sub-group of hooded eyes.

  • Eyeliner Style – For hooded eyes, applying eyeliner can be a little tricky, and sometimes even a little messy. To make your hooded eyes stand out, go with a thick and bold wing liner. Draw out a thick wing outside the outer corner of your eyes, as this will give definition to the eyes. To make hooded eyes appear larger, tight line the upper lash line and apply a generous coating of mascara.

Monolid Eyes:
Monolid eyes, as the name suggests, have small upper and lower lids. The upper lids don’t feature a crease where the eyelids meet the skin below the brow bone, making the upper lid appear flatter. When you open your eyes, the crease isn’t visible. To determine if you have monolid eyes, just check whether or not the crease is visible.

  • Eyeliner Style – The goal of eyeliner on monolids is to give the effect of a false crease, and make the eyes appear larger than they are. Eyeliner can give an instant definition to monolid eyes. For best results, apply a thin liner from inner corner to outer corner. At the outer corners, smudge the liner a little bit, focused upward.

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